Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let Me Entertain You Some More...

For those who don't distinguish between critical observations and bland insults, and who require entertainment because they are unable or unwilling (or both) to engage in serious discussion, I offer this.
I offer it because it is funny, but mostly I offer it here because it is too true.

For those who don't keep track of anything outside the boundaries of the United States (and most of the people in that group don't do a particularly good job of being informed about events INSIDE those borders either), let me point out that the current head of state in Australia is a woman, Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
The reference here is to John Howard, same name, different person, a previous Prime Minister of Australia with the same name from the mid 1990s to 2007. CNNN - you DID notice the EXTRA N, right? - stands for Chaser Non-stop News Network, a comedic parody group who does stuff like this. The CNNN projects are renowned not only for being funny (in this case, tragically funny) but also for containing lots and lots of inside jokes and puns on the scrawls etc. This isn't the actor John Howard either; it appears to be one of the CNNN guys, Julian Morrow. It's funny, but it does hurt to see ourselves as a significant segment - in this case one of our major allies - sees us, and rightly so.

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