Wednesday, September 19, 2012

11-Year-old Colorado Boy Dead - Older Brother Arrested

Local news reports

Jordan Limas, 18, was arrested for investigation of criminally negligent homicide following the shooting Friday night in Weld County, which he said occurred after a struggle with his younger brother for a handgun. 

Limas told detectives he was able to get the gun away from his younger brother. As he was backing away from the child, the gun went off and a bullet hit Andre in the chest.

Limas told deputies he stole the gun about a month before the shooting took place. Weld County investigators are using the serial number on the weapon to confirm whether the weapon was stolen.
Limas told deputies he left the weapon loaded on the dining-room table, according to the affidavit.

The charges stem from the allegation that Limas left the gun in a place where his younger brother could get his hands on it.
If this guy is being charged with having "left the gun in a place where his younger brother could get his hands on it," why wouldn't the owner of the gun be charged with the same thing?

Of course it would have to be determined that the gun was left easily accessible to the thief, but in that case the gun owner should be held accountable.

Many gun owners think it's safe to keep their guns laying around the house or in the car.  It's not. As our friend Robert Farago says, a gun should be either on your person or in a safe.

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  1. "...a gun should be either on your person or in a safe."

    I tend to agree with that statement.

  2. There's a key difference here: Limas is a thief, while the owner is not. Mikeb, until you can see that difference, you're not even speaking the same language as we are.

    1. Limas is a thief. That has nothing to do with the fact that maybe the guy he robbed was not practicing safe storage of his gun, a crime, or at least it should be.

    2. Again, as long as you can't see the difference between a thief and a good citizen, you'll never make any progress with us or with the American people.

  3. Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult. Clearly this (illegal) gun owner didn't give a shit for his brother or the other kids in the house, or he would have kept his (stolen) gun locked and unloaded and out of reach.

    1. Note the point about how the gun was stolen. It's clear that this person doesn't care about much other than himself, and not even a whole lot about that. With someone like that, there isn't much that can be done, other than to keep him out of circulation.