Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homeland Security Officer with Concealed Carry Permit Stopped at Albuquerque Airport

Local news reports

It didn't say she was arrested, so I'm guessin' that flimsy charge will be dropped or plea-bargained away.

I believe it when these people say they just forgot, but what does that say about their responsibility when it comes to safely managing their firearms.

Forget once, lose your right to own guns, that's what I say.


  1. I wonder if she forgot or if she thought the laws didn't apply to her since she works for Homeland Security?

    Speaking of, who does TSA bless for carrying on planes beside federal air marshals?

  2. These are the people who are approved to keep us safe. Remember that next time you trust the government.

  3. So if i forget to vote or neglect to write to my local paper should I should I lose those rights to?

    1. That's it. If you have a weak argument, resort to a weak comparison to try to blow some life back into it.