Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ronald Pickett Gets Eleven Years for Accidental Killing

The Washington Times reports

A man who fatally shot his fiance by accident during an argument in their home last year has been sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison.

Ronald Pickett, 27, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the March 5, 2011 shooting of 36-year-old Vanessa McGee and was sentenced Friday to 10 years and 10 months in prison.

At some point during the argument, Pickett retrieved a .9mm pistol from their bedroom. As McGee tried to leave the home, she slipped, falling into Pickett, prosecutors said. The gun went off when the two collided and McGee was struck in the top of her shoulder.

Charging documents filed in the case indicate that the bullet passed through McGee’s lung and lodged in her abdomen. She died from the wound.
Eleven years for an accident sounds a bit excessive, don't you think? And that was the plea deal.

I couldn't find a picture of this guy but how much you wanna bet he's black?  White guys who have accidents don't usually get this kind of treatment, sometimes they get off with a warning to be more careful.

Let's not overlook the fact that he must have been a lawful gun owner.  Otherwise, that would have been one of the charges.

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  1. .9mm LOL.

    "how much you wanna bet he's black?"
    Ronald G. Pickett, DC.
    Sex: Male
    Race: Black
    Arrest Date: March 5, 2011
    Victim: Vanessa McGee

    Yep, you're right, but I don't understand. In DC, you're required to have a state issued ID in order to register your guns. Requiring a state issued ID, disenfranchises minorities, but doesn't chill the exercising of other protected rights, that's interesting.

  2. In D.C.? I'd imagine that the prosecutor just didn't want to waste time. Of course, since it was a .9mm needle gun, perhaps it fell under a curio exception.

    Mikeb, this man pointed a gun at someone without justification. She died. I'd say that the charges are a bit light. The race of the two involved is irrelevant.