Monday, November 11, 2013

Gun-Friendly Houston - Another Mass Shooting in a Non-Gun-Free Zone - 2 Dead, 22 Injured


  1. Weeding in the garden of weasles....November 11, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    So an bunch of minorities get all rowdy advertising a "house party" on social media and one of these stellar members of the unincoporated Houston brain trust fires a gun into the air......

    And what, I am supposed to give a crap?

  2. "He also cited another factor as contributing to a "birthday party gone wild" - the fact that the celebration had been advertised on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites and that many of the guests were strangers.
    "When you promote a party on social media, what you are saying to the world is, 'I don't know who you are, but you're invited,'" Garcia said.
    He said even though a "bouncer" had been hired and a parent of the 18-year-old for whom the party was thrown was present, they were overwhelmed by the crush of people who attended."

  3. When guns are allowed, people have the choice to defend themselves if they wish. In gun-free zones, good citizens aren't offered that choice. This is really what gun control comes down to: an elimination of choice.

    1. As you like point out, that's not true. People can use knives, baseball bats, ice picks, or any other weapon to inflict death, or debilitating injury. Gun not needed.

    2. "Steve," why am I not surprised that you can't tell the difference between an attacker and a defender?

    3. Why am I not surprised that you cannot stand by your own words. It's the universal criminal thinking patterns. All this garbage you spew, yet, you still haven't given any other explanation for your criminal statements, except to attack me, and all I did was print your own words. So for like the 5th time, I will give you the opportunity to explain your criminal statements. I'll be waiting, but expecting nothing since you have refused 5 times already.