Thursday, November 14, 2013

North Carolina: 2nd Amendment Advocate Shoots Printer by Accident - Runs Away

Local news reports

Police in Wilkesboro are looking for the man who they say accidentally fired a gun in a store during a discussion on the Second Amendment. 

The incident happened Tuesday evening in the GNC store on Winkler Street. 

Police say the man pulled out his gun to show an employee when he accidentally shot a printer. 

According to the police report, the man told the store employee he "could not go down for this," and left. 

Anyone with information should call the Wilkesboro Police Department at (336) 667-7277.


  1. Are reporters no longer required to be informative? There's so much missing from that article that it might as well have not been written.

  2. I wonder if their second amendment conversation touched on the topic of how you can be as dumb as a rock and still qualify to own a loaded gun in public in the U.S., like this idiot. Thank goodness he didn't injure himself or anyone else.

  3. Given that he was showing it off in a store, whatcha bet this loser had a conceal carry permit, too. But, but... I thought you had to be "highly trained" in gun safety and usage to have such a permit....

    1. Oregonian, I agree that it's best if you don't own or carry a gun. But how about leaving the millions of us who do alone?