Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marissa Alexander's Bail Hearing Postponed Again - Where is the NRA Outrage?

Judge postponed bail hearing for Marissa Alexander to January 2014
Marissa Alexander, serving a 20 year mandatory sentence for firing gun at abusive husband, gets new trial but a Judge has postponed bail hearing until January 2014

Isn’t it exceedingly odd that members of this powerful group most vocal in defending the rights of teen Trayvon Martin’s killer did not lift their voice to defend a woman who was abused by her husband and stood her ground without killing or hurting anyone?
That gun rights groups who put up defense money and offered more money for the acquitted Zimmerman to purchase himself a new gun, did not go to battle for an abused woman who was exercising her Second Amendment rights as well as her Stand Your Ground rights?
Why isn’t the NRA using Marissa Alexander in ads all across the country? Where is Wayne LaPierre’s slogan "It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy"? For in this case it did stop a bad guy and no one died.
In fact, one would think this case would be championed by all the avid protectors of the Second Amendment who love to take to television, radio, the Internet and every other horse-and-buggy show to fiercely defend every American’s right to bear arms, while attacking President Obama for being the Grim Reaper of all this country holds dear, assault rifles and all.
Where, oh where is the NRA?


  1. Better question: Where's Jesse & Rev. Al

    orlin sellers

  2. "Just days after the announcement of charges in the Trayvon Martin case, Rev. Al Sharpton is keeping justice in his crosshairs.
    The civil rights activist and MSNBC host told Loop 21 that he would soon be working on the “Stand Your Ground” case involving Marissa Alexander, the Florida wife and mom who shot at her abusive husband in self-defense, but did not get the protection of the controversial law afforded to Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman."

    Though in reality, Zimmerman didn't appear in a stand your ground hearing, Mr. Sharpton did get involved. I don't really recall the NRA getting directly involved in the Zimmerman case, though they did get a lot of credit/blame for the law itself.

  3. Where's the NRA? Same place they were for the Zimmerman case. Staying out if the debate and letting the law handle it.