Saturday, November 16, 2013

Theodore Wafer Charged With Murder In Shooting Death Of Renisha McBride - Finally


  1. The news reports now say that McBride was drunk and high. Things are getting more complicated.

    1. You are pathetic in your biased support of gun owner misbehavior. She was high but she was unarmed and NOT A THREAT. And the fucking asshole gun owner could easily have determined that if he hadn't been a racist reactionary like so many of you.

    2. As always, you jump to race, but neglect that potential for violence that someone under the influence has.

    3. Yeah, Greg, the frightened and insecure gun owner was reasonably concerned that she was gonna kick his door in and murder him with her bare hands because she was high.

      Is there no limit to your defenses of improper gun use by one of your fellows?