Friday, November 15, 2013

Open Carry Zealots


  1. So here's a cartoonist exercising the right to express an opinion about not wanting others to express an opinion. Irony, much?

  2. ... Because only Somalia has a constitution granting the right to free speech, self-defense, freedom of religion...

    Open carriers, if I look on youtube, are not pointing their guns at people, but carrying it in their back. They are frequently illegally detained and searched by corrupt police officers.

    This caricature does a diservice to us all by showing falsely a bunch of guys carrying their weapons dangerously, rather than in the responsible way these people do it.

    In other words: This image is a fiction coming from the mind of a depraved person, rather than all the videos on youtube showing a very different pictures. Obviously, caricaturists only draw caricatures.

    1. Nice try anonymous...