Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why the French think the people in the US are stupid:

For shooting at anything that moves:

C'est un malentendu. On CUEILLE des champignons, pas les chasser: connard:

Mushroom Hunter Accidentally Shot By Man Sighting Gun

(It's a misunderstanding. One PICKS mushrooms, not hunt them: asshole.)


  1. Soon to be followed by thirty-seven volumes of Why We Don't Care What the French Think of Us.

  2. When the case of that German kid gets good publicity there, that will further damage the status that the US has in Germany. Europeans have huge contempt for the pantywaist pansies in the NRA who are cowards and morons.

  3. Ah, the French,

  4. From what I have known of the French for the last forty years or so, most of the people absolutely adore Americans as we no doubt adore them, which is more than I can say for you. They are among our closest European allies. Our cultures are inextricably entwined. It's like a love affair. As far as the French believing Americans are stupid... French students continue to study in the U.S. and very often become full professors at our prominent universities. I know that a lot of Europeans of every stripe were very sorry when Shrub was re-elected in 2004. They sent us all a video postcard telling us how sorry they were and that they still loved the American people.

    That's something you didn't think about when you wrote this post.