Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Congratulations, Jon Holzwarth! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Southern Beale

Responsible gun owner/prominent 2nd Amendment “gun rights” advocate Jon Holzwarth was babysitting his three-year-old son and his neighbor’s four-year-old grandson when a totally responsible thing happened: his son somehow was shot in the mouth. Imagine that:
According to Snohomish County deputies, the shooting happened in a bedroom that was locked.
Holzwarth told them he heard a loud boom and ran to the bedroom where his son, Michael, and his neighbor’s 4-year-old grandson were playing.
He forced the locked door open and initially thought his son had gotten hurt that way.
At Providence Everett Medical Center, doctors discovered the boy had been shot in the mouth.
He was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.
No one answered at Holzwarth’s door where a sign reads: “We don’t dial 9-1-1″ with a metal cutout of a pistol dangling below.
There were also emblems about guns on his Jeep.
On Saturday, his son was struggling to survive from a gunshot wound — a tragic irony not lost on his neighbor.
Oh, yes. The irony. I’m sure Holzwarth’s guns protected his family dozens and dozens of times before this tragic incident, though.


  1. Responsible gun owner/prominent 2nd Amendment “gun rights” advocate Jon Holzwarth . . .

    Just how "prominent"? Had you heard of him before the shooting? I hadn't, and I'd like to think I keep pretty close tabs on that sort of thing--at least enough to have heard of most of the "prominent" voices on either side of the debate.

    1. You're becoming the master at diversion. That's an unimportant point which has nothing to do with the post.

    2. That's an unimportant point which has nothing to do with the post.

      Does it not reflect on the credibility of the poster?

      Besides, remember saying this about Leland Yee?

      He was hardly a "darling of the movement." I'd never heard of him [Ahem].

      This, about a state legislator who had been honored by the Brady Campaign, was praised by the Demanding Mommies (until he fell from grace, and they clumsily tried to hide it), and whose disgrace was seen as a potential major blow to California "gun control":

      "This really leaves us scrambling for someone to pick up that mantle," said Paul Song, executive chairman of Courage Campaign, a nonprofit advocacy group. "If it wasn't so sad it would be comical. But what we're really worried about is that this will further destroy the momentum for gun control here in California."

      So if Holzwarth's lack of prominence is so "unimportant," why did you try to deny Yee's (much greater) prominence?

    3. No master of diversion, but like SS just a master of lying.

    4. Exactly. Kurt successfully, with hyper links and snark, diverted us from the point of the post. Now we're talking about the one word "prominent."

    5. I guess the truth just wouldn't have enough umph: "Obscure gun rights advocate Jon Holzwarth was babysitting . . . " Yeah, I see why Southern Beale, and by extension, you, prefer the "prominent" fantasy. The real world just doesn't do enough for you, does it?

      And I see you don't want to answer my question about your earlier denial of Yee's prominence (actual prominence). Probably a good (if cowardly) idea on your part.

    6. Still pushing that tangent, huh Kurt? Every day I post stories about unknown and obscure gun nuts who misuse their guns. The prominence or obscurity of the doer is not the point.

    7. The prominence or obscurity of the doer is not the point.

      It was made the point when Southern Beale (and then you) called him "prominent." Beale (and you) must have had some motive for fabricating this guy's "prominence."

      You can't just tell a lie, and then expect people to shrug it off when you say, "Well, the part we lied about wasn't the point."

    8. He is prominent. The fact you've not heard of him doesn't change that fact.

      For someone you claim isn't prominent--Holzwarth seemed to wind up in a lot of news articles and local TV stories relating to gun issues.

    9. Now who's lying, Kurt?

      Not me, obviously. Try a Google News search, restricted to end the day before the shooting.

      Where is our "prominent" supposed-to-be-embarrassment for gun rights advocates? Nowhere in the first few pages of results. Maybe I successfully enlisted Google into my conspiracy to deny Holzwarth's "prominence"?

      I found one reference to him, from 2010, in the Seattle Times after he addressed a County Council meeting about guns, but if that's all it takes to be "prominent," obscurity is kinda rare.

      Hell--I'm "prominent" by that standard.

    10. Not me, obviously.

      Oops--that should, of course, have been, "Not I, obviously." My apologies for commenting while half asleep.

    11. Twelve comments and we're still out on that tangent. Good job, Kurt. I guess I might do the same if faced with an avalanche of EVIDENDE that lawful gun owners are often unfit and dangerous. Every day I post about them, this is just one more, which Southern Beale happened to describe as prominent. Congratulations, you proved the ugliness of one show flake in order to ignore the avalanche.

    12. You seem to have forgotten, Mikeb, that I have no reason to be bothered by your "EVIDENDE[?]," even if the dubious claim of there being an "avalanche" of it were true, because my fitness for owning a gun is not in any way brought into question by the behavior of others.

      But good attempt to divert the discussion away from Holzwarth's mythical "prominence," after implying that my denial of it made me a "liar." I guess I might do the same if faced with that embarrassment.

    13. Because you might not do something, is not reason not to have a law against it. There are over 300 million other people, and many do dangerous things we must have laws against. It would be easy to make laws against just YOU.

    14. "But good attempt to divert the discussion away from Holzwarth's mythical "prominence," "

      Kurt, are you ten years old? I was not the one who diverted anything because the discussion WAS NOT about the prominence of this guy - at least not until YOU diverted us into that direction.

    15. Kurt, are you ten years old?

      Nah--you can't even bet into my favorite store (Angry Jim's Guns and Liquor) until you're twelve (that's a joke, in case you're wondering).

      . . . the discussion WAS NOT about the prominence of this guy . . .

      How curious, then, that the word "prominent" was first used in (dare I say it?) as "prominent" a place as the post's title.

  2. Why would the door be locked?
    A gun enthusiast couldn't tell the difference between a gun shot injury and a door knob injury?
    Maybe when the cops showed up and saw that sign, they should have turned around and left. Let the anti government guy take care of it himself. That's what he wants right? To be left alone by government services, you know, fend for yourself.

  3. He's so prominent the first time anyone's heard of him was from this incident.

    1. Sycophantic Kurt Hofmann follower.

    2. I have no "followers," Mikeb, and certainly no "sycophantic" ones. Keep in mind that gun rights advocates tend to be a rather independently-minded bunch. The hive insect mentality is a vastly more comfortable fit with you collectivists.