Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gun Channel Parody


  1. Mike, this is a good example of how those in the gun community are not averse to what is referred to good natured ribbing. In fact, if you look down at the comments, you'll see comments from the groups portrayed in the video as joining in at getting a laugh over this,

    "TWANGnBANG5 days ago
    So funny and creative!! My favorite was the Rated RR parody with the "slow motion" bullet in flight, complete with dramatic music. :) Liked and shared!"

    "Military Arms Channel4 hours ago
    Guys, this is classic. I would give you a big Yeager kiss if I could."

    "Ak Operators Union, Local 47-745 days ago
    That is great! Hahahahah! - Rob Ski"

    "DemolitionRanch5 days ago
    Killer skills with that shotgun loading! And GREAT joke!!! "

    "GY6vids4 days ago
    How dare you make fun of my fully automatic bolt action!!!
    Nice work guys!

    1. I never denied that some of you guys have a good sense of humor. Remember how that Australian comic described it?