Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kentucky Man Injured in Gun Accident - No Charges Expected

Local news reports

Police responded to a call of shots fired near the Bass Pro Shop. When they arrived on scene, they found an individual with a gunshot wound to the stomach.
Police said the victim brought his gun to trade it with another person, the two met in the Bass Pro parking lot. He reportedly said he thought the gun was unloaded, and went to set the gun down when it discharged and shot him in the stomach at the far end of the parking lot of the store.
He was transported to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries as a precaution. He is expected to recover.


  1. Still being investigated.

    "The gun was secured by police."!c622gB

    1. Anyone who injures himself or another and uses the excuse "I thought the gun was unloaded," should lose their gun rights forever. Just imagine all the future incidents would would be avoided.