Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scared White Guy Bragging about His Gun Collection


daclark1911 from Missouri says:

There's a four thousand dollar (retail value) NRA Open Class Action Pistol in my safe and next to it a thirty-two hundred dollar self defense/carry pistol built for me by a friend.
Both are works of art and hand crafted to aero-space engineering tolerences.
Underneath those are some more high grade 1911s valued at fifteen hundred and above.
Underneath those on the lower shelf is a bobtailed Colt Officer's 1911 which uses a government model bobtailed mainspring housing.
It's the gun all the 1911 guru's said was impossible to build. 
Now days it's the gun those same guru's and engineers want their hands on to see how in the world I engineered it to work and still retain a functioning grip safety.

I don't own a single "scared white guy" gun.


  1. Meh--just another "gun control" zealot, who happens to (claim to?) have some very nice pistols:

    Common sense gun people think the same thing.
    There are two NRA organizations, one is the NRA you see and read about.
    The other is the one which operates quietly and you never hear about known as NRA-ILA.
    We never really know what NRA-ILA is negotiating behind closed doors but common sense background checks are something NRA-ILA is concerned with.
    The biggest problem we face today is reporting at state levels.
    If a state won't report a potential problem individual then how is it a national data base is gonna flag that problem individual ?

    Besides, Morford, with his "scared white guy" idiocy, is utterly clueless, but this guy doesn't refute him simply by virtue of his guns being expensive.

  2. Oh no! This guy collects 1911's like some other guys collect old Mustangs! Why, this in incontrovertible proof that he's scared of the world! Just like those other guys are obviously prepping for the days of Mad Max.

  3. Sort of a convoluted post which centers on a comment from an opinion piece written in response to another opinion piece that as often happens when facts don't work, insult the opposition.
    And then we have a guy who likes 1911's much as I do, and he is rightfully feeling proud that he was able to figure out a way to engineer an additional safety into a pistol that it didn't come with when it was designed and manufactured. That certainly doesn't sound like a bad thing.
    The first pistol he refers to isn't even remotely a carry gun any more than an Indy car is good for road travel. He's referring to a pistol used in competition class where pretty much any modification is allowed. Many refer to them as "race guns" and Col. Cooper often referred to them derisively as "rooney guns".

    1. The whole thing sounds kinda rooney to me.

    2. It's really easy to brag about things to a person who really has no clue what your talking about but just believes you on face value. But everyone else who does know,,,,,,,, right Mike?

  4. Bragging about ones hobby is pretty common.