Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Concealed Carry on Guam

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 Here is another ripple caused by the 9th Circuit ruling that repealed "may issue" permit laws in its jurisdiction. 

"Residents could soon be able to get a concealed firearms permit if they meet certain qualifications, if the governor signs a bill that was passed into law by the Legislature yesterday.
Bill 296 would align Guam's firearms law with other jurisdictions and require the police department to issue concealed firearms permits to residents who meet certain requirements."

"The bill was one of many that senators voted to pass during the last day of session yesterday. The bill received 13 "yes" votes and two "no" votes from Speaker Judith Won Pat and Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz."

"The bill would require the Guam Police Department to issue concealed firearms permits to applicants who have shown, among other requirements:
• they are not a convicted felon;
• they have not been imprisoned; or
• they have not been committed to programs for substance abuse.
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in February and March repealed "may issue" laws in California and Hawaii, respectively."

    Data about crime in Guam isn't very current, though it seemed to take up a sizable portion of governor's State of The Island address.

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  1. Here is an update on the legislation, it was signed into law by the governor.

    "Governor Calvo of Guam signed Bill 296-32 into law on the 21st of May, 2014. One of the last changes to be made to the bill before it was sent to the Governor was to change the term of the permit to three years instead of six."

    "Guam now joins the 41 states that have laws that require the issuance of a permit if the legal requirements are met. California and Hawaii have been required to convert to a “shall issue” status pending the resolution of the Peruta decision. Vermont does not require the issuance of a permit, and does not issue one. Only six states now fall into the category where the issuing authority may arbitrarily refuse to issue a permit. Those states are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Delaware."