Friday, May 16, 2014

What if they gave a revolution and nobody came?

Yes, I'm talking about that 10-30 Million turn out for Operation American Spring, which probably had more people watching it than attending it. And only a few thousand watching it.

And probably most of the people watching it were "libtards" who wanted to laugh at the feebleminded doing what the feebleminded do.

Sorry, but political correctness will never win out over human nature and people love to make fun of feebs--especially if the feebs are making a show of themselves.

I think most of the comments were coming from the "libtard" contingent as well.

I didn't make any comments at the live feeds, but I do have to say that the 97% don't have too much to fear from the III% if this is any indication of their efficacy or intelligence.

In fact, we don't need for the guvment to take you out as you are doing a wonderful job of it yourselves.

Even the Washington Times had this admission from the people who generated this fuck up:
“We were getting over two inches of rain in hour in parts of Virginia this morning,” Mr. Milton said. “Now it’s a nice sunny day. But this is a very poor turnout. It ain’t no millions. And it ain’t looking like there’s going to be millions. Hundreds is more like it.”
Something about not being able to run a piss up in a brewery comes to mind as I watched the sideways footage at the Washington Monument.  On the site where I was making comments with other "libtards" as we watched some real "tards" who were trying to mainstream, another commenter pointed out:
Definition of go sideways
go sideways, verb, to become worse.
In fact, if anything, we are watching your movement self-destruct.

Which, if we are grateful for anything you do--it will be that your movement collapses on its own from your being fuckwits.

Thank you for being yourselves.

Anyway, I'm sure that "the Mainstream Media" will mention you: Rachel Maddow is always up for a laugh at your expense.

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  1. "Moms Demand Action promised a big turn-out in Indianapolis for the NRA’s convention and annual meetings.
    Bloomberg paid 120 people to attend.
    Their dedication was so high that over half didn’t bother to show up after he paid them!
    Here’s what they managed to turn out."

    So you're saying the turnout was about the same as the MOMs' demonstration in Indianapolis even though no one paid them?

    1. It says there is absolutely zero interest in the extreme BS these people are trying to push.

  2. Returning, briefly, from a self-imposed exile, to point and laugh.

    "So you're saying the turnout was about the same as the MOMs' demonstration in Indianapolis even though no one paid them?"

    Gosh, ya got us there notSSG, but there's one thing you forgot to mention, the moms in Indy protest wasn't touted, by its organizers, to be bringing 10-30 MILLION people to the event.

    Looking at the photo above, I'd put the size of the crowd as something around .0003 % of the smaller number and .0001 % of the larger number.

    You idiots love to make fun of miscalculations and mistakes made by the people who want some form of regulation on gunz but can't seem to resist showing what complete moronz your own side is so well larded with*.

    Oh, wait, this is another one of those groups/individuals who are the "No true Scotsmen" of gunzloonznation? My bad. I forget that you guy only embrace the millions (or is it tens of millions this week?) of steely-eyed, GODfearin', straight shootin', combat stancin' 2ndmendment Warriors who ARE the champions (and MurKKKa's last, best hope) of FREEDUMB!

    Going back into exile, now.

    I almost forgot; please tell Greg Camp to go fuck himself.

    * And I do mean, "larded". When I see the pus-gutted Hole-in-the-Head Gang's photos from the Bundy Duderanch I ask myself how long they would last without AC, Mountain Dew and Armchair Warrior MRE's (Twinkies, Cheetos and Monster)