Friday, May 16, 2014

Jon Stewart on the State of Gun Rights


  1. I said long ago that using a gun for self-defence can cost a fortune, even if you are found innocent.

    The get away with murder laws may let you kill with impunity, but it will still cost you a fortune for the privilege.

  2. Actually I recall reading this back when I got my first carry permit in the 80's. It was in a book titled "In The Gravest Extreme" by Masaad Ayob. Though he covered the issue seriously and didn't make it a joke.
    Mike likes to talk about requiring insurance for gun owners. This is something much like that. Of course, this is unpopular because it involves gun owners being competently represented in court.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that this is being driven by the market, and isn't something required by the government. This means it succeeds of fails on its merits. Since permit holders are by much more law abiding than the general public, this will likely be successful. Will provide a useful service for a profit.

    1. They don't want insurance for gun owners. They want a tax. Insurance means there is some kind of benefit to the policy holder, and they don't like that idea.

  3. I want insurance on every gun sold and proof of insurance when that gun is resold, or transferred to a private party or business. Yes, that also means a registration to track those transactions. And no, I don't see that as an infringement on the right to buy, own, or use a gun.