Saturday, May 17, 2014

Noir - The New Show Starring Colion Noir

Guns dot com

After quoting several harsh critics, such as this one:
Mike Spies for Vocativ slammed ‘Noir’ as being “produced by aliens who spent an hour studying American pop culture,” claiming that the “NRA employs millenial-friendly tropes to attract younger members — and fails miserably.”
the authors over at Guns dot com asked this question: 
Well, here’s the question? Is ‘Noir’ really that bad of a show?
I say no.  He wasn't that bad.  In fact I thought he did a pretty good job at it.


  1. Well Mike. If you say so. I guess it's hip to love guns again. Just like Rush Limbaugh made it cool to be a conservative.

    1. FJ, I was talking about the way he spoke and handled himself in front of the camera. You know I don't agree with anything he says or stands for, don't ya?

  2. "I say no. He wasn't that bad. In fact I thought he did a pretty good job at it. "

    With a statement like that I'll have to try to catch it when I get home from my reserve drill.