Monday, May 12, 2014

More on the Jack in the Box Story

ssgmarkcr wrote:

    Laci posted this last week,

And since its Laci, there are times that no one comments.  I personally believe that some of these open carry events end up as an overall negative outcome, though they are quite within their rights to conduct them. 
    And many gun control advocates have made a lot of media hay with this event,

"The company's statement comes in response to a social media campaign and national petition launched just over 24 hours ago by Moms Demand Action to ask Jack in the Box to enforce its policy after last week's semi-automatic rifle carrying demonstration at a Fort Worth Jack in the Box store that terrified employees so much that they locked themselves in the freezer, according to local police."

    The problem is that it now appears that it never really happened.  To his credit, Joe Nocera printed a correction when an official from Jack In The Box contacted him. 

"An earlier version of this post included information from Sgt. Ray Bush of the Forth Worth Police Department, who wrote in an email last week that the employees at the Jack in the Box where Open Carry Texas staged a demonstration “locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them.” However, Brian Luscomb, vice president of corporate communications for Jack in the Box, told the New York Times this evening, “Our employees told us that they did not hide in the freezer.” We have amended the post to reflect this new information. "

    And of course, the next challenge will be to find out why Sgt. Bush of the Fort Worth PD sent out an inaccurate email concerning this event.  I'm not going to call it an outright lie yet because this being the weekend, we haven't heard from the Sergeant in question.  For example, its possible his statement was based on something he heard from another officer, etc.
    The rumors are already flying on the blogs now.  I've even seen one suggesting that the police being called amounted to a SWATing call.  Whatever happened, the MOMs took hold and rode it for all it was worth, and by doing so may have attached themselves to an event that will affect whatever credibility they now enjoy.
    I imagine this will develop as the new week progresses, and hopefully will just turn out to be some miscommunication issue happens from time to time in modern day news's push to release breaking news first and not something more overt like NBC's editing of Zimmerman's 911 call, which has grown into a defamation suit that is now progressing through the courts.
    Might be an interesting week.


  1. How about the right to carry and the right to protest being separate? I mean, of course, strictly on a volunteer basis. This shit never happened in American before. Why don't these dickheads just fuck off? What the hell kind of sick bastard is going to protest at the same time they are carrying a motherfucking gun? That's just stupid Sarge. Fucking quit it. These dicks need to go home and stop scaring people. Who the hell gives a shit about their stupid protest? It's already legal. What are these idiots trying to tell anybody?

  2. There is one reason and one only for open-carry - dickless feckless fear. Anyone who open-carries is a sick paranoid loser.

  3. Again FJ, I'm not into open carry, though in some states, that is an allowed option. And the open carry folks aren't protesting. As you said, what they are doing is legal.
    If you take a look at their website their reasoning is,

    “A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost”

  4. I couldn't have put it any better.

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    1. Laci, that is the same link that I cited. And if you look at the bottom of the column, you'll see the correction that Mr. Nocera added. As I wrote, there seems to be a disagreement as to the facts of this event.
      So we have a statement from a company official that seems to directly contradict an email sent out by a police officer. So who is right?

    2. Come on SSG - you can't cite the same article as Laci and expect us to accept that as legitimate! Get your own facts from a source that Laci can then say is biased and not reputable!