Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You know who you are...

Under a tyrannical government, you would have quietly disappeared long ago...

Instead, you want to overthrow a constitutionally elected government.

If you had brains, you would be dangerous.


  1. "If you had brains, you would be dangerous."

    Your insults reveal your utter contempt for your fellow man.

    For your information no one would be talking about "overthrowing government" if your ilk actually respected people and cherished human dignity. Instead, you and your kind insult and denigrate good people and seek to dictate their lives. That is despicable.

    You and your kind view good people as nothing more than objects to be used, abused, consumed, exploited, dominated, and controlled at your pleasure. And you wonder why some of those good, decent people are fed up?

    -- TruthBeTold

    1. TbT, you're paranoid and delusional. Thank goodness "your kind" is only a tiny fringe minority.