Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why We Need Effective Gun Control Today

Why We Need Effective Gun Control Today


Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from www.ArrestRecords.com and you can reach her at daphneholmes9@gmail.com.

The gun control debate ebbs and flows through political cycles without consistent direction, or even proper attention.  Occasional atrocities reignite the controversy and put heat on legislators to make a showing on the issue, but the momentum and long-term vision are never enough to result in adequate consideration of the problems and solutions relating to gun violence in the United States.

Unfortunately as gun law reform languishes in a political no man's land, incidents of gun violence continue to unfold, capturing innocent victims in the crossfire.  School shootings, explosive violence movie theaters and, even repeated shootings at military facilities are all writing on the wall for legislators and civilians, who need to turn their attention to the issue.

Gun rights advocates put-forth arguments backed by Constitutional provisions protecting the right to bear arms, but collateral killing nonetheless continues to rise in a society that too frequently turns to firearms for deadly force.  Modern incidents of gun violence reflect a new cultural paradigm, which must be accounted for in the laws applied to safe firearms acquisition and ownership.  For the following reasons, we need effective gun control today.

Downside is Insignificant by Comparison
Drawing the line on gun control means different things to different people.  As in any other impassioned debate, there are extremes on both sides.  In reality, however, most proposed gun control measures are not particularly significant to ownership rights.  Expanding background checks, for example, does not interfere with the right to bear arms.  Rather, it fortifies the law of the land by adding a responsibility component to the rights outlined by the Constitution.
The upside of gun control measures, on the other hand, can be measured with human lives.  The United States is far ahead of other countries in terms of the number of citizens killed annually by guns, so assault weapons bans and exhaustive background checks furnish sensible first-steps toward reducing gun violence in the U.S.

Criminals are Not the Only Ones Killing with Guns
In a growing trend, unconventional scenarios lead to increasing gun deaths in the United States.  Criminals are not the only shooters these days.  In fact, children account for a rising share of individuals involved in gun related incidents both as victims and shooters.  While protecting the citizenry is a strong argument for gun control, shielding the nation's young people from gun violence is an even more pressing agenda, because children are always innocent victims.

Access leads to Gun Violence
Education and other measures provide worthwhile contributions to gun safety, but stricter controls must be put in place to reduce incidents of gun violence in the United States.  While ignorance and complacency contribute to gun tragedies, simple access to guns also plays a significant role in many gun-related disasters.  Limiting access by enacting gun buying restrictions and imposing locked storage requirements are prudent parts of comprehensive gun control.

Guns are the Most Common Killing Weapons
In many cases, improving social conditions requires us to look at dilemmas in very stark ways.  We prioritize, for example, in ways that stand to contribute the greatest possible benefits across society.  Devastating diseases, for example, receive more attention from researchers and doctors than minor ailments, simply because of the toll they tackle on society.  In much the same way, guns are the tools most frequently used to take lives, so the must be given the lion's share of attention by reformers striving to reduce body counts.

Gun Control Reflects Societal Change
Laws and customs evolve alongside civilizations, as citizens adapt their approaches to the ever-changing fabric of society.  It is prudent to roll with the changes, rather than turning a blind eye to the new requirements they present.  As human interactions have evolved, guns have taken-up an increasingly negative place in society.  As a result, gun control is a prudent course-correcting intervention, which can only serve the greater good.

Today, more than ever, social phenomena support the call for gun control.  Too many gun-related incidents involve innocent victims, and they are increasingly made up of children touched by gun violence.  Curbing easy-access and accounting for societal change provide common sense strategies for reducing tragic outcomes.


Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from www.ArrestRecords.com and you can reach her at daphneholmes9@gmail.com.


  1. Mikeb, the fact that you post comments by POed Lib, but refuse to post mine proves everything I've ever said about you. You're nothing but a lying sack of shit. Feel free to go fuck yourself. Gun control is losing. It will continue to lose. And that's in large part because people like you adovcate for it.

    1. Jeez, Greg, lighten up will ya? I deleted a couple comments of yours as well as all the fake demands to know why. You know I don't entertain discussions about my commenting policy and I warned you about those tedious repetitions about "violating rights." Sometimes I just can't take it any more and since this is my blog, you have to either take it or leave it.

      The reason I posted this one and am responding to it is because I don't want you to go away mad. I wrote to you on e-mail. Did you not get that message. You know, you really have a lot of nerve acting so offended. You have no way of knowing how many comments I delete from the others. It's a little babyish of you to think you're being singled out for bad treatment.

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  2. "The United States is far ahead of other countries in terms of the number of citizens killed annually by guns, so assault weapons bans and exhaustive background checks furnish sensible first-steps toward reducing gun violence in the U.S."

    The problem is that we tried an assault weapon ban for ten years and the data wasn't there to show it was having a measureable effect at reducing gun violence. So the sunset provision took effect. I happen to think the sunset provision is a great idea and should be used much more often. If a law isn't accomplishing its stated purpose, it should go away.

    1. Well, I'm not convinced that the AWB DID NOT have a measurable positive effect. I think it depends on whom you ask and what statistics you look at.

      But, as you know, I'm not a big fan of it. I am wholeheartedly on board with the suggestion of universal background checks. I find it baffling that reasonable guys like you don't agree.

    2. Mike - we had a proposal for universal background checks but the Democrats decided not to back it because it did not include a way to track the guns. Open the NCIS system so that anyone can call in and run a check and then you will have your universal system in place. How hard is that?