Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Eurovision Song Contest Winner!

 The Winner is from Austria, home of the Glock Pistol: Conchita Wurst!

Now, go and play with your Glocks.


  1. En mi opinión, esto es posiblemente la única canción que importa en todas las canciones de la competición Eurovisión por los últimos cincuenta años pasados. Por supuesto, hablo del ganador del año mil novecientos sesenta y ocho. Ninguna pero, “La, la, la.” La canción cantado por Massiel y tu orquestra en la competición de 1968. Es la única canción de todos que celebra la vida como algo sagrado y querido. Y la música nos trae este sentimiento de alegría. Siguen las palabras en Español:

    Yo canto á la mañana que ve mi juventud;
    Y al sol que día a día nos trae nueva inquietud.
    Todo en la vida es como una canción.
    Te cantan cuando naces y también en el adiós.

    La la la la...

    Yo canto a mi madre que dió vida a mi ser.
    Y canto a la tierra que me ha visto crecer.
    Y canto al día en que sentí el amor andando por la vida.
    Aprendí esta canción.

    Mi traducción cruda:

    I sing to the morning that sees my youth;
    And to the sun that day by day brings us inquietude.
    Everything in life is like a song.
    They sing to you when you are born and again at the goodbye.

    I sing to my mother who gave life to my being.
    And I sing to the earth that has seen me grow.
    And I sing to the day that I felt love walking through our lives.
    I learned this song.

    No puede ser ninguna duda. Esto es la mejor de todas. Que ustedes vayan con Diós, amigos queridos. Y que todos disfrutéis mucho.

  2. If I still have the attention of any of you lovers of art and music, let me share the one pearl of beauty that you will not find elsewhere. It is understood that I value the language of Castilla as the language of love and art. Sorry Mike. I can’t stand opera. Sadly, I am more acquainted with the Spanish of the Americas, particularly Mexico, than I am of Mother Spain. Yet it is possible that the art of the song in Mexico has exceeded that of its musical parent(s). I speak of the song writing genius of none other than Agustín Lara. The lyricist and original artist who sang El Vagabundo, possibly the greatest male chauvinist song ever written.
    Herein the lyrics or la letra en Español.

    Soy un pobre vagabundo, sin hogar y sin fortuna;
    Y no conozco ninguna de las dichas de este mundo.
    Voy sin rumbo por la vida. El dolor es mi condena.
    Y el licor calmó mi pena porque el amor es mentira.

    No me importa lo que digan de mi corazón Bohemia.
    Me emborracho porque llevo en el alma una tragédia.
    Y así voy por el camino que el destino me condena.
    Porque al fin seré en la vida vagabundo hasta que muera.

    Again, my clumsy translation:

    I am a poor vagabond, without home or fortune;
    And I know nothing of the ways of this world.
    I wander aimlessly through life. Pain is my conviction.
    And liquor calmed my grief because love is a lie.

    It matters not to me what they say about my Bohemian heart.
    I drink because I carry in my soul a tragedy.
    And in this way I travel along the road that destiny to me has condemned.
    Because in the end I will be in life a vagabond until I die.

    Only serious inquiries into the Augustín Lara recording will be entertained. Fear not my male compatriots. Love is also called, "The Sweet Lie." Here is a nice version by Fernando Fernandez from 1950.

  3. Tom Neuwirth (the man behind the beard) deserved to have to think about the name Conchita Wurst...If you are hispanic as many of relatives are in Ohio, they all informed me of the slang meaning of Conchita...and Wurst? Eurovision is always a night of utter pop horror traditionally here in La Sechere...We make popcorn, the dogs love it, they get to stay up late Poor France, the first time in years that their entry didn't totally suck, but they didn't get one single vote. Greece? I could smell the overpowering stench of their AXE deodorant and cologne...we are still airing out the room. I loved the Italian entry...again the sheer brilliance of Italian pop music! But, then again, check out the official video for the Polish entry on YouTube. If those girls could have done that on stage, they would have decimated everyone!