Thursday, May 15, 2014

Texas Accidental Shooting - Alcohol Involved

Local news reports

Alcohol seems to have been a factor in the apparent accidental shooting that occurred in Harleton Sunday night, killing 25-year-old Ivan Dolley.
“Alcohol was involved, and the investigation is ongoing,” Jay Webb, administrative deputy with the sheriff’s office, confirmed Monday.
Webb said the entire case will most likely be referred to a grand jury.
“As it is right now, we got several witnesses at the location that were there (saying) they were shooting at beer cans,” said Webb. He said the alleged shooter, Mitchell Morgan, was questioned and released.
“He gave us a statement that coincides (with) what was told to us by witnesses,” said Webb.
“It is considered accidental; however, we are continuing to investigate,” he said.
The incident occurred at 1097 Ragon Road, in the northwest area of the county. Emergency dispatchers were alerted of the incident around 11:45 p.m. “The caller stated that a shot had been fired, and one person had been injured,” Webb noted.
Upon arrival to the scene, deputies and emergency personnel discovered Dolley with a gunshot wound to his upper abdomen. “Deputies found a witness doing CPR compressions on the victim, and he was then transported to Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview where he was pronounced deceased from the gunshot wound at approximately 12:40 a.m., May 11,” Webb advised.

He said the incident appears to have occurred when the loaded weapon was handed to the victim barrel first.


  1. So if you get drunk and accidentally shoot your buddy while you are playing drinking and shooting games...

    That's not illegal in Texas? Wouldn't you at least arrest the shooter and take him down to the local tank? I think it's time for the Texas legislature to step in and make sure that this type of nonsense never occurs again within their borders. Why would that be okay? Who the fuck is in charge? Try getting caught with a joint of marijuana.

  2. If you gun nuts can't step up to the plate and even defend the simplest of charges against this ridiculous gun culture, you're really not worth talking to by any intelligent human. Guns are for killing people. Murder is against the laws of man and God. What part of that do you not understand?