Sunday, May 11, 2014

US Passes the 10,000 verified killed and injured people for the year mark!

This is no a meme. It is a chart verified by the site at the bottom: the

One of the people who is involve in this says:
We just rolled over 10,000 verified killed and injured people for the year, this evening. That is a lot of mothers and daughters and aunts and sisters who will have a less than pleasant Mothers' Day this year.
You might want to check out their methodology and about us pages before writing comments.
Total incidents includes all gun violence, not just where injuries/ death occur. Things like armed robbery, home invasions, defensive use, hostage incidents with guns that end without holes.

Also, many single incidents have multiple injuries/ deaths. Any attempt to map incident numbers to death/ injury numbers would not ever be possible in a summary.

Of course, some most of you would rather not heed the Chinese proverb that says:
Better to keep your mouth closed and have people think you are an idiot than open it and confirm their opinion.

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  1. I see the incidents of defensive use is MUCH lower than the gun loons on this site say is real.