Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Blast from the Past

Remember Duke Watrous?

Well, his trial has started.  Apparently, he was giving his kids an NRA training course when things went badly:

A North Texas jury watched a chilling video Tuesday of a man accidentally shooting his 10-year-old daughter fatally in the head during a drunken lesson on handling handguns.
On the video, Watrous lines his daughter and her 9-year-old brother up for the lesson as the carol "Joy to the World" plays in the background. The video shows Watrous tracking Ashley with a shotgun, rubbing her face and shoulder with the barrel and drunkenly asking, "Does that scare you? Are you scared?"
Then, he picks up a .44-caliber Magnum handgun. As the words "Merry Christmas" come from a television in the background, the guns goes off, the bullet goes through Ashley's head and lodges in a cupboard.

At the time, Sebastian Snowflake basically claimed gunloonery was a Constitutional right and, hey, if a kid gets hurt...well, too bad.

Let's see if I can sum up Sebastian's position.

He basically says, "who cares if a child gets killed so long as I can have any gun I want."

Really, his position is obscene. In his examples of free speech, one has the option to walk away and not listen. They have the option to turn the station or not read the document. If they do listen or read, being offended vmay be an inconvenience but it's not a life-altering event.
Unfortunately, with Sebastian's fetish, I have no choice in the matter if he decides to shoot me. Further, being dead or crippled for life isn't exactly the same as being offended.

Remember, there is no group advocating a total ban on guns. There is no group demanding an end to self defense. But Sebastian and his ilk are actively promoting more crime qand violence.


  1. Mikeb302000;

    It never fails to not surprise me that your most ardent commenters and their "anonymous" sockpuppets, never fail to ignore this sort of post.

    Shooting one's own kids, drunk or sober, is not an unexpected outcome for shitheads who think gunz make them real men.

    1. This is going to seem rather strange how long it's taken me to comment on this story, but I wanted to comment on what you said. I introduced Duke (the man who killed his child) to Brandy (the mother of the child) when we were all young. I believe I was 20 at the time, putting Duke at about 23 or so, I think. Brandy was younger but I don't remember by how much. Anyway, when I first met him and his brothers (one of whom I dated for 4 years), I thought Duke was very arrogant. As time went by, and he and Brandy became more involved, he became an even bigger asshole. Pompous and controlling were the words I used most often. Brandy was white trash from Oak Cliff in Dallas and she was good enough for a Watrous boy, but I wasn't because I had tried drugs, had the occasional migraine, and was a size 16. This mentality made me dislike Duke more and more. But I can honestly say he never flashed any guns as if they made him the man. He merely thought because he was the oldest of the 6 younger boys that he was the King. I believed he was an abuser of Brandy, though at the time, I firmly believed she deserved it because there were numerous occasions where she would beat on him in anger. But I honestly never thought he'd be capable of becoming what he became: a killer of his own child.

      Those wanting to use this case as a reason to kill the freedom of firearms are pieces of shit in my book because this has nothing to do with that big picture but with the fact that a very sick man killed a child. Period.

    2. Oh, c'mon, Tiffy. Couldn't this story graphically illustrate the very important gun control tenet about unfit people needing to be disarmed before they kill someone? I think the reason Jadegold presented it was to show that many gun owners are indeed unfit and dangerous and with a tiny leap in logic we can say it's the lack of proper gun control that is to blame.

  2. Yes indeed, I think they realize that the "price for freedom" bullshit is just that, bullshit.

    That was Jadegold's post, by the way.