Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lynn Police Shoot Man for Disobedience

According to O’Connell, Mathieu Michaud confronted the arriving officers on the street while carrying a butcher knife and two carving knives. Michaud approached their vehicle on the driver’s side.

Both officers got out on the passenger side, identifying themselves several times and ordering Michaud to drop the knives, O’Connell said.

Michaud refused, and officers saw what appeared to be a gun in his possession, O’Connell said. He did not comply with officers’ orders to drop it and was shot once, the statement said.
I wonder exactly how he was carrying three knives and a BB gun, staggeringly drunk, and the cops thought he posed a threat. It doesn't sound credible to me.

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  1. Well in the real world of life and death decisions, your thoughts don't count......play drunken stupid games, win drunken stupid prizes.....first he is a bad drunk now he is a dead drunk.....

  2. I thought he survived the shooting. I suppose the cop was a bad marksman on top of everything else.

  3. Is deadly force by the police only allowed after a criminal has killed someone? Is it ever ok for a police officer to shoot a criminal before that criminal has actually harmed anyone? Is the threat of deadly violence from a criminal not a legitimate reason to use deadly force to stop him?

    Should the cop risk his own life in trying to subdue the armed criminal without shooting him?

  4. Jim, Of course the cop can use deadly force before the guy has killed, but there has to first be a credible and real threat. It can't be pre-emptive or out of outrage.