Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Paul, Minnesota - 1 Dead, 1 Wounded

Trevell Glass, fatally shot early Wednesday outside a St. Paul bar, was the third person in Raynard Glass' family to be gunned down in St. Paul in two decades.

"How could it just happen like this?" said Glass, who was an uncle to all three victims. Trevell Glass, 26, "was a good kid," he said. "He wasn't out there on the streets."
I find it surprising that Minnesota could be among the Most Peaceful States. They sure seem to have their share of gun trouble.

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  1. Yeah - he was just "turning his life around"...not.

  2. Yeah it's funny how such a nice boy could get gunned down when he belonged to such nice community group (52 Gangster Crips). The bar where he was shot at 2AM only had slightly over 800, 911 police calls by the end of April, 2011. What could have possibly happened???

  3. You claim he belonged to 52 gangster crips.......based on what, Anonymous?