Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Brady Campaign Ad

What do you think?  I've never been too excited about the magazine limitation laws, but this ad is certainly a good reminder that the victims of gun violence are not always big bad guys caught in criminal activity. Is the type of collateral damage we see every day the price we have to pay for freedom? Does that make sense to you?

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  1. WTF is an assault clip?

  2. Annonymous:

    WTF is the matter with your reading comprehension.


    Our old pal mikeyw once said that he needed a 30 round box magazine for his AR-15 so's he could defend himself against marauders, as it would take the poleece 20 minutes to get to his house. Then he let out that he lives in VT, not one of the hotbeds of home invasion gang activity. Another gunmaroon.

    You might find it worthwhile to require people posting here to use a registered blognomen. I know it will piss off the sockpuppets, but that is a good thing.

  3. Dummocommie,

    What reading comprehension are you referring to? The BradyBunch just made up a new term. Where are we to read about it to comprehend? "Assault Clip" is such a newly created term that it doesn't even have a Wiki entry yet.

  4. Assault clip, high capacity magazine. Tell me what the difference is. One sounds "nicer"?

    Guns are made to shoot holes in targets, animals and people. Unfortunately for a lot of gunzloonz they see people as animals or targets.

  5. On some of the gun blogs I saw a big deal being made of the word "clip," not "assault clip," but just "clip." I copied and pasted a definition of the word for them which includes the synonym for magazine. Clip, magazine, same thing.

    And what's wrong with making up new word combinations? If it weren't for the pro-gun guys, who suffer from an inferiority complex about their gun argument, these newly patented expressions would serve to make the prose more readable, more interesting. But, it fails because, lacking substantive arguments, the pro-gun guys pick on the words, pretend not to understand, and interfere with the point being made. I suppose it's a victory of sorts for them.