Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mr. G Guy on Climate Change

It seems, our friend at Mr. G Guy's Blog is a climate change denier. Of course to make it sound better he refers to it as "global warming," which everyone knows is scientifically disproved by one cold March, and, I suppose, a lot of snow this past winter.

I'll bet he agreed with Ann Coulter when she said a little radiation is good for ya.

Anyone with half a brain knows these are just liberal conspiracies. Just ask Fat White Man.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Thanks for the link, I think. ;)

    Globull Warming or Climate Change, if you will, is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the world's population. Humans' effect on Climate change is naught but a fart in a whirlwind. Granted, if we were to cut every bit of vegetation off the surface of the planet, then perhaps we might make some kind of undesirable change in the climate, but that isn't happening. I am in the business of cutting trees. Every year, we cut a couple of hundred thousand trees down, but we in turn replant over three hundred thousand trees in their place. ( Frasier Fir Christmas trees)

    The newest hoax is about CO2, Carbon Dioxide, which is what comes out of your body when you exhale after breathing in oxygen. Guess what trees and plants need...CO2, and they use it to produce oxygen...Hmmm. You want to reduce CO2 emissions, quit breathing. I'm just sayin'

    Al Gore and others have made billions of dollars off of the Climate Change scam. You remember Al Gore...the one who went to a climate change conference in a motorcade of gas guzzling SUV limos and left the motors running for over an hour while he made a speech and glad handed everyone at the conference. I call that being a hypocrite. Just like that movie director, James Cameroon, Who said we all need to do with less, while he has several houses as well as all the toys the rich enjoy. I don't see him "doing without" as he wants everyone else to do.

    Face it, Climate change is a hoax and a lot of people fell for it hook, line and sinker.


    P.S. I posted this as anonymous because for some reason, your blog platform isn't accepting wordpress today. I've had troubles other days as well.

  2. " Ann Coulter when she said a little radiation is good for ya."

    Well I have not read what Ann stated, but without radiation, there would be no life on Earth. We are completely dependant on the radiation from the sun to power the cycle of life on our planet. So, I would say that more than a little radiation is good for all of us.

  3. Anonymous, the facts do not support your assertion that humans have not had a significant effect on climate.

    I would suggest for example that you inform yourself about some of the reforestation projects and their effects on local climate in Israel where they have pioneered recovery of land that had become arid. Or any of the measurements which correlate to the progress of the industrial era forward. You sir, are expressing an ignorant and ill informed opinion.

    As to your comment about the statement made by Ann Coulter, the woman is an ignorant media attention whore with the integrity of sewage. Her sole claim to fame is saying stupid things (not unlike Palin, come to think of it, or Bachmann).
    And once again, you show your ignorance sir.

    Inform yourself, idiot:

    My heart goes out to the people contending with radiation in Japan. I speak as someone who, because of a medical malpractice incident where a doctor gave my mother doses of radiation for a female problem that were too high, later underwent a hysterectomy for a ten pound tumor, and radical mastectomy surger removing her breasts due to breast cancer. The link to the illnesses and radiation were conclusive. That was on top of the radiation rendering my mother sterile, resulting in my subsequent adoption.

    So, having watched someone become ill, and suffer, and have massive surgeries chopping up their bodies in an attempt to save their lives.... Ann Coulter is not only stupid, she is unethical, and obscene.

    Radiation in larger than healthy doses does incredible harm. To claim otherwise is wrong - and just plain nasty.

    From just the time I've spent in the lead safety gear doing veterinary radiography, I can tell you I'd never be without protection, and only the most minimal, controlled exposure, or a working dosimeter measuring that radiation.

    But hey, anonymous, if you don't mind risking sterility, maybe a little testicular cancer necessitating castration, mammary tumors, and so on..........I'd be happy to arrange some of that radiation exposure for you that you think is so damn harmless.

    Funny isn't it, how despite running her big ugly mouth, we don't see Ann Coulter exposing herself to that radiation. Guess she's not willing to put her ass on the line along with her big nasty mouth.

    No, she's just willing to sell shit to you fool science-ignorant conservatives.

  4. Dog gone, I'm not anon. If you read my comment, my name is on the bottom. I don't know what Ann Coulter said about radiation. And I didn't mention it in my comment, although as a former Radar Technician, I know a little about radiation.

    The Israelis are reclaiming desert that was arid when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, much as we reclaimed arid parts of California for farming until Nancy Pelosi decided that a bait fish was more important than growing food and shut the water off. (I used to live in SoCal, so I know what it's like.)

    Studies have shown that the air is cleaner now than it was back in the 60's and 70's as far as smog and other pollutants go. Face it, Al Gore sold you a bill of goods and has gotten very rich off of it. You won't see him giving up his Limos and private jets, but he sure as hell will expect you and us to do with less to "save the planet."

    How about that fat ass Al Gore and that other fat ass, Micheal Moore show us how to do it by giving up all their fancy houses and cars. When I see Al Gore driving around in a Chevy volt, then I MIGHT start believing that we may need to do something. But you'll see pigs fly before you'll see Fat Albert in a Chevy Volt.


    Posting again as anonymous because it refused my comment again.

  5. Mike, Sorry about that problem with the posting. Maybe some of the other Amomymous guys have had the same thing.

    You know, sometimes you sound like you're talking way over your head. We had this discussion about your criticism of Krugman. In this first comment you're coming off like a scientist who really knows the score, but actually you're just repeating the liberal-hating talking points.

    The possibility that we've damaged the environment with CO2 and plastics and cutting down too many trees makes more sense to me than what you say about a fart in the wind.

  6. I apologize if I misidentified someone to whom I was responding; all I saw - and still see - is this:
    "Anonymous said...
    " Ann Coulter when she said a little radiation is good for ya."

    Well I have not read what Ann stated, but without radiation, there would be no life on Earth. We are completely dependant on the radiation from the sun to power the cycle of life on our planet. So, I would say that more than a little radiation is good for all of us. "

    If there is some better way to correctly identify you, commenter, please direct me to it. Otherwise you may want to revisit how you are logged in for commenting. Whatever the problem, please do believe that I did not intend to offend you by not recognizing you. I will join MikeB in trying to resolve this problem. In the interim, might I suggest you add into the body of your comment who you are, in the way you wished to be recognized? We might have a bit of redundancy, but at leat until we figure out what is going wrong, your comment would be correctly attributed.

    Let me share with you this quote, which is the same thing I was told years ago when I actually had the chance to observe what the Israelis were doing in aforestation / reforestation.

    “We all agree that the main cause for desertification is human activity – the pressure on the land, the expansion of the population,” Atzmon told ISRAEL21c. He explained that land abuse causes land degradation which leads to desertification. Due to human activity, land that used to be productive becomes barren. Consequently, expanding swathes of land are needed in order to produce agricultural yield or vegetation. Most desertification and forestry researchers are committed to the principle of sustainable development."

    I do hope you wouldn't be so unwise as to try to argue that we have not deforested massive quantities of land - like an enormous amount of the eastern United States, compared to what it had been a mere few hundred years ago? THAT would be just one example of human activity deforestation affecting climate.

    I think your point is well taken that Al Gore and Michael Moore should set examples, given their very public positions on this issue.

    And while yes, the air IS cleaner now than it was, it can still be improved on, and what was cleaned up in the past is a very different category of pollution than was addressed by those earlier problems (like acid rain). It wouldn't take much to get as bad again as it was back in those decades. I can't help noting that the right denied there was any problem at the time, in the 60s and 70s, and fought against any environmental action then too, using pretty much the same exact arguments. Now they puff up their chests and act like it was a good idea at the time and that they were all for it, yada yada - but don't do a thing more.

    What utter CRAP. Their position is the same selfish, short sighted, cut off their noses to spite their face folly that it has always been.

    As a former radar technician, do you agree that radiation CAN be dangerous? You might want to read what Coulter said; I think you would be horrified if you know anything at all about radiation risks on the basis it misrepresents facts, and creates a very misleading and inaccurate understanding of the issues involved in nuclear power and radiation risks.

  7. Hey how about you goto China/India 33% of the worlds population and get them to change first......

  8. Mike B and Dog Gone, I always put my signature on the bottom of my posts. In fact, my name is the same as the owner of this blog, albeit with a different last initial.

    That's why we had a "safety cut-off switch" beside the door going into the radome or outside the Radar trailer before we climbed up on the Radar van.
    The only good radiation is the solar radiation you get from the sun and too much of that isn't good. So we agree on that.

    Most Conservatives like clean air and water as much as the next person. But people like Al Gore and his ilk have blown this Globull Warming or Climate change way out of proportion. Just like the Environmentalists are extreme in their views on Climate change, we on the right also have our folks who are extreme the other way. The Conservative right has been giving way on environmental issues for years.

    I'm in construction...or was until the housing bubble broke, ( I blame Repubs and Dems both for that.), and I can tell you that Solar and Wind are way too expensive for the average homeowner. And it takes years before they start paying for themselves, if in fact, they ever do. The tax credit isn't much help either. Unless or until you can bring the construction/installation costs for Solar and Wind down to reasonable levels, it aint gonna happen.

    I could say the same about you all parroting the same tired old Liberal talking points, but I haven't. I just resign myself to the fact we'll never see eye to eye on some of the issues facing us today.

    I've worked in reforestation as well as construction and I believe we're doing pretty good on it. Also in the construction business, we use a lot of recycled materials when we can and also use lumber from "managed forestry" companies, so I reckon I'm/We're doing our part.

    Israelis are trying to reforest land that has been arid for thousands of years. I guess that's a good thing, if they can pull it off.


    posting anonymous again because "couldn't fulfill my request?"

  9. Wow, cedars in Lebanon? Couldn't possibly be true!

    I have to routinely delete my cookies and whatnot to post since I switched to Firefox. Next time I'm going to try deleting just the cookies and cache and not the browsing history since that seems to piss off my wife!

    Being an alumnus of UCSD, I tend to agree with the academic viewpoint. But I understand there are millions of variables and it may be a little bit too soon to say with any authority. As Roger Revelle famously said in 1988, "The economic impact of addressing climate change right now would be too great on developing nations. Let's wait twenty years to let the science catch up to the theory before we take any drastic actions." (paraphrased by Flying Junior)

  10. What killed the Eastern forests back at the turn of the twentieth century was the Blight that killed off the Chestnut trees that were about seventy-five percent of our forests, at least in the southeast. When you look at old photographs, the mountainsides were bare of trees because of the blight. Since then, we've done pretty good. The mountains are covered in trees again, albeit different species than predominated back then. Not too far from where I live, we have the Joyce Kilmer National Forest where there is still old growth trees that have never heard the roar of a chainsaw or the whisking sound of someone honing the edge of an axe. we also have a Poplar tree that is considered to be the tallest tree west of the Mississippi River at about 200 feet tall and with a circumference of over twenty-two feet at breast height. For those that don't know, breast height is where trees are measured for size, maybe because before chainsaws, that was about the spot where a lumberjack's axe bit into the tree when they started to cut it down.


  11. we made enormous changes in the forestation with the expansion westward and the resident growth of populations that cut down trees to clear land for farming, etc.

    The entire eastern part of the U.S., out to the great plains was at one time forested.

    If you want to only look back to the 20th century, you're stacking the deck. The blight you refer to was one blight, one kind of tree - and not the most common variety.

    PEOPLE changed the topography and vegetation, not blight. And the westward expansion of railroads along with the various waves of immigration dating back to the 1830s and 1840s had a lot to do with that. Industrialization did NOT begin in the 20th century.

    You are improperly framing the argument - but you do make interesting points. They are simply not conclusive ones.

  12. I have to make a correction to a prior post. I was wrong when I said that the Chestnut covered 75 percent of the southern Appalachian mountains. The range of the Chestnut tree extended from southern tip Ontario in Canada down to SC, GA, AL and MS. Chestnuts actually comprised over twenty-five percent of the trees in it's range. That's still a lot of friggin' trees when you consider all the different species of trees in this range.

    In the last few decades, the US has done a lot of reforestation and it shows. I've seen photos of the area where I live where the American Chestnut was the predominate tree and after the blight, the trees were indiscriminately cut down because of the fear of losing all that lumber to the blight. The mountain sides were completely denuded of trees. Those same mountains now are full of marketable trees again.

    Man has done some things that weren't good for the environment, but on the other hand, Man has also done good things for the environment. I just think that people like Al Gore and Micheal Moore aren't your optimal spokespeople. Now if you had a spokesperson like Ed Begly, Jr., who isn't a hypocrite and actually lives the lifestyle promoted by the likes of Gore, Moore and some of the other rich progressive liberals, then you might have something. But until those two fat asses and others of their ilk give up their limos and toys and give up the things they are telling us we need to give up, well, I'll continue to think of Globull Climate Change as a bunch of hyped up B.S. As has been well documented, Al Gore has made a King's ransom from promoting Globull climate Change.


    Posting as anonymous again because it wouldn't take my request. this is the only blogspot blog I have trouble posting on

  13. Mike, You've got a good point about people who preach one thing and do something else. No one likes that. But that in itself doesn't invalidate their message. They could be hypocrites and still be carrying the right message. Maybe you need to look beyond your distaste of those types of guys and consider what they're actually saying.

    I saw a TED video once, I may have even posted it here, about plastic. That shit is in everything now. It's in the cells of our bodies, for crying out loud. What we've done with DDT and other chemicals is worse. I really don't think it's a liberal conspiracy to say we've done significant damage to the environment.

  14. Ok Mike, so the arguement is we only have to say we believe in making changes to stop Global Climate Change, but we personally don't have to do anything different? I am on board with that.

    I suggest we stop using plastic of any type immediately. It is just not natural and who knows what it is doing to your body. Don't purchase any food wrapped in plastic, store food in anything made out of plastic, or serve it on anything made out of plastic. Now as noted above, I expect you to get to work on that in your life, but I reserve the right to just not bother to change in mine.

  15. What the hell are you talking about, Jim? No one here is talking about what we should do about this, we're just arguing whether the problem exists or not. Mr. G says it's made-up bullshit, that the climate change and pollutions stuff is really no more than "a fart int he wind." That's what I'm arguing against, not the use of plastics.

    And I'll tell you why. When I was a kid there was a big push to stop using aerosol sprays like deoderants because of the damage they do to the ozone layer. It was big in the late 60s and early 70s. Then I heard that one launch from Cape Canaveral, later Cape Kennedy, was equal to a million spray cans of aerosol, or something like that.

    So, I'm into not littering and stuff like that, but I don't pay much attention to the carbon footprint bullshit as far as it applies to individuals.