Saturday, April 30, 2011

Felony Murder Trial in the Oklahoma Pharmacy Case

NewsOK has the report of the felony murder trial associated with the Oklahoma pharmacist's supposed DGU.

The recordings show a masked robber, Jevontai Ingram, then 14, pointing a gun at two female employees while an accomplice, Antwun “Speedy” Parker, pulls on a mask.

The recordings then show pharmacist Jerome Jay Ersland shoot Parker in the head and chase Ingram out of the store.

The pharmacist then comes back inside the store, gets a second gun and shoots Parker, who had fallen, five more times. Doctors determined the last shots were the fatal ones. Parker was 16.
The pharmacist, Jerome Jay Ersland, is going on trial next month. The guys charged in this case with felony murder are the accomplices who supposedly planned the robbery. But, the incredible thing is, the only death that took place is the one dealt out by Ersland, not by the robbers.

What's your opinion? Do you think the concept of "felony murder" is a good one? And should it apply regardless of how someone ends up dead?

Doesn't it seem that, if Ersland murdered one of the robbers, which seems pretty clear, then the dead robber and his friends should not be blamed for that murder. That one is on Ersland, period.

Let's fact it, this is Oklahoma and anything is possible. I'll say it right now. if these guys are convicted of felony murder and Ersland gets off, I'm going to submit Oklahoma for The Crown. How's that sound?

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  1. Don't be a hypocrite, mikeb. You're the one who preaches shared responsibility. Here in Oklahoma we have it enshrined in law. You should be jumping for joy.

  2. Mikeb302000:

    Are comments like AzteRed's the comments of the 90+/- of "Law abiding gun owners" or the comments of the 10%+/- gunthugz. I have a hard time telling the difference.

    Guy shoots perp, downs him, shoots the guy FIVE more times when he's already down and there's a question whether or not it's murder--well, yeah, maybe it's only manslaughter. Hey, if he uses the "temporary insanity" defense in the morning and gets found "not responsible" by a jury before noon he could still make it out to the range and pop off a few thousand rounds before the victory barbecue.

  3. That one is on Ersland, period? I share no responsibility because I also own a gun? Fantastic, I'm glad you finally came around.

  4. Speaking of Oklahoma... It looks like Raymond Stauffer's fatal shooting of his erstwhile pal, Mark Wilkinson has been ruled a justifiable homicide.

    Maybe Oklahoma has changed a little bit since the last time I was there forty years ago. If they could get this Castle Doctrine codified a little bit more thoroughly, eventually you could pour burning oil on your friends from your roof!

  5. Good one, Flying Junior, boiling oil from the roof.

    AztecRed, "enshrined in law" my ass. Murder is murder, even in your backward state.

    TS, You got me on that one.

  6. "AztecRed, "enshrined in law" my ass. Murder is murder, even in your backward state. "

    Murder is murder, therefore everyone responsible is on trial for murder. That's your shared responsibility that you love so much.

  7. Well, I don't know what you guys think. But that little ray of golden sunshine flowing from the Oklahoma County District Attorney into Ray Stauffer's pitiful life just about blew my fuckin' mind.

    How can the D.A. just rule it justifiable homicide without any trial whatsoever? That's nothing but pure politics. Here my fictionalized account of what could have happened that night.

    Mark: Open up you son-of-a-bitch! I'm gonna kick yer pussy ass clear into next week. You're gonna say that shit about my wife? Fuck you!

    Ray: Who is it?

    Mark: You know who it is you piece of shit! Open up asshole!

    Ray: What? I can't hear you. Hello?

    Mark: You lyin' sack of shit. I'm gonna kick your ass, you fucking shithead!

    Ray opens the door carefully with his left hand while firmly pointing gun with his shooting hand.

    Mark: Wait a fucking minute! You're not going to shoot me.

    Ray: Well... It's my house, (chuckles.)

    Mark: What? No! No! Wait! No! Don't fucking shoot me! Are you crazy? NOOO!

    Gun goes off striking Mark square in his heart.

    Mark: You motherfuck...Scass! Hack! Aaugh! (trailing off) mother-fucker.

    Mark dies at the hands of his one-time friend.

    Ray: (To the police officer) Yeah, I told him to back off and then he tried to grab my gun!

    Officer: Yeah man. I know what you mean.

  8. Flying Junior, I agree with your take on it, but that was another thread.