Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Proof Dogs Are Better Against Crime Than Guns

I'm guessing it was pretty clear this guy was NOT carrying a weapon.  So, I'm not quite clear why this was called a car jacking rather than a car theft.

Who steals a stretch limo and then gets into a police chase?

Apparently a bad guy who was not in his right mind, ...or in his pants either.  I would put naked criminals in a special category, along with criminals who use fake guns.  There is something fundamentally incomprehensible about both.

Crime is not funny, but I confess to laughing just a little at this video.  The nice thing about dogs that are better than guns - they can go around obstacles, they can go around corner.  Police dogs are usually not lethal against criminals, making it possible to apply reparative / restorative justice that benefits the victim of the crime, and also is more constructive as regards the criminal.  It is more beneficial to society, instead of causing a terrible drain on our finite resources.

From MSNBC.com - Enjoy!


  1. Dog Gone,

    Why didn't you just get a dog, instead of a carry license and a gun?

  2. What makes you think I didn't?

    Ah, but you'll have to make those answers you're so bad at for the full explanation.

    Oh......wait...that's right, you apparently can't.