Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Urban Fox

I have to make a comment about urban foxes here, which is something I comment about on my blog since they are a local pest hereabouts.

The is the comic version:

Here's the real deal:


  1. We have a fox that lives in our neighborhood. I have seen it in my yard twice over the last 5 years or so. We back up to a couple of large estate lots with 2 small ponds and some woods - maybe 20 acres combined between those two lots. Makes for a nice quiet backyard with a decent amount of "wildlife" to watch.

  2. We have a variety of interesting wildlife here in Arkansas as well. There's a section of parkland near where I live that gets a lot of foottraffic, but the deer and snakes don't seem to mind. I've also seen foxes near populated areas. I could do with fewer ticks, though.

  3. These things are as citified as you can get!

    I see them in Sloane Square all the time. My first encounter was with one on a crowded street at the shopping arcade which is in the former Duke of York's Barracks off Sloane Square.

    It was at 17.00 (5PM) on a very crowded street.

    There were an estimated 20,000 foxes in London in 2006!

  4. Re-instate the fox hunts!

  5. We have them around our place too. Not so many they are a pest, just enough so you see them occasionally. Mountain lions on the other hand...

  6. We have bear, cougar, and the occasional wolves. And the usual smaller predators - fox, bobcat, lynx, etc.

    What I object to the most is the damn coyotes.

  7. Laci, you have hooked me on mongrels - thanks for the DVDs.

    Destiny is SO like my Trinity.