Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wisconsin Cop Gets a Minor Slap on the Wrist for Major Negligence

A misdemeanor charge or conviction does not preclude someone from serving as a police officer in Wisconsin. At least nine Milwaukee police officers have misdemeanor convictions on their records, according to a Journal Sentinel investigation published in October.

Pending the outcome of the criminal case, Edwards will be on administrative duty with the Neighborhood Task Force, Schwartz said. While doing the desk job, he will retain his full police powers, which means he is still allowed to wear a badge, carry a gun and make arrests.

I thought the police were supposed to be held to an even higher standard. This kind of stupidity, carrying a gun that way and trying to grab it when it falls, is too much to be treated so lightly. That's my opinion.

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If I might add an excerpt, MikeB, for anyone who didn't follow the link:

By Gina Barton
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
A Milwaukee police sergeant whose gun went off inside Southridge Mall in Greendale on Nov. 2 was charged Thursday with endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon, a misdemeanor.
Michael A. Edwards, 45, has been on the force since 1986. He also is the president of the Milwaukee Police Supervisors' Organization, the union that represents sergeants, lieutenants and captains, according to the organization's website.
If convicted, Edwards faces a maximum possible penalty of nine months in jail and a fine of $10,000.
According to a criminal complaint released Thursday, Edwards was in line at Auntie Anne's pretzel shop when he reached into his back pocket for his wallet. As he did, his gun slid out of his waistband and down his pants. As he reached for the weapon, it went off, blowing a hole through his pants. The gun was not in a holster and did not have a safety, the complaint says. A woman standing nearby heard a loud bang and felt a stinging sensation on her leg, where she suffered a welt, the complaint says.
According to earlier reports, the bullet hit the marble floor and disintegrated. It was not clear from the complaint whether the bullet ricocheted off the floor and hit the woman's leg, or whether she was hit by a piece of shrapnel. Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern did not respond to messages seeking clarification Thursday.
 I couldn't resist adding that part, which shows why a holster is essential to safe carry. - DG


  1. " I couldn't resist adding that part, which shows why a holster is essential to safe carry. - DG"

    Absolutely. Why would the fool be carrying without a holster. He should know better.

  2. There are some guns that can be carried safely for brief periods in the manner described--Ayoob has a discussion on Mexican carry, so called because dropping a gun when the Federales are after you is easier than shedding the holster--the the gun in question here sounds like a Glock, something that should never be carried without a holster--see Plaxico Burress, if you have any questions.

  3. Note to Greg Camp:

    There are no "Federales" in WI, last I heard. Or are you referring to illegally carrying a weapon in the U.S. and having to try to dodge responsibility for your unlawful behavior?

    The cops a shithead.

  4. Democommie,

    I was explaining the origin of the term, "Mexican carry." You're absolutely right that the cop in question is an idiot.

  5. Greg Camp:

    Here's a hint. Nobody gives a fuck about what the "Federales" in some other country force shitheads like you to do to avoid being caught with your gunz.

    The cops a shithead, not as much a shithead as you, but a shithead.

  6. Democommie,

    Nobody gives a fuck? You don't get out of your echo chamber much, do you.

  7. Nobody gives a fuck? You don't get out of your echo chamber much, do you.

    December 14, 2011 3:22 PM

    Oh, I'm sorry, Greg Camp. Nobody but you and likewise addled gunzloonz give a fuck about that. Really, pal, normal people don't think, while they're packing to go on business or vacation trips to other countries, "Hmmm, lemmesee; 6 pair of underwear, 6 pair of socks, one long, "duster" style topcoat, one silly hat, one .45 cal. 19ll, 3 or 4 mags, just in case the panhandlers in Paris are particularly threatening.".

    Yeah, I should have just said, "nobody who's not fucking insane on the subject of gunz, gives a fuck.".

  8. Greg, Thanks for your efforts at ignoring the gratuitous insults and responding to the substance of what's said to you. The problem with using strong and colorful language in writing is that most people can't see past it and understand what's being said. You can and I appreciate it.

    The cop was an idiot we all agree. But what about that slap on the wrist? Wasn't that too light.