Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Donald Trump Cancelled the Debate

Do you think this guy could end up running? I do, considering the bumbling characters the GOP has to offer. Considering that Newt is the front runner, anything is possible. What do you think?


  1. This is the best thing you could find to post this morning? Did you miss the story of gun control FAIL in Belgium?

  2. Problem, FWM, Belgium has some of the more lax firearms laws in Europe. In fact, it has quite a gun culture.

  3. Laci The Dog:

    Looking at that screen cap of The Dongald I see Andy Rooney's replacement. I can just see Trump dispensing his folksy millionaire's (from manipulating other people's investments) wisdom on a vast array of subjects about which he knows absolutely nothing.

  4. Laci the Dog,

    Only a gun grabber could call Belgium's gun laws lax. It looks a lot like California to me.

    To everyone,

    Wouldn't a Trump candidacy as an independent be a good thing for Obama? Trump would siphon off some voters from Republicans who are economically libertarian, while he'd lose the religious right.

  5. I hadn't read the Belgian story closely enough to realize there were guns involved. I only caught the hand grenade part.

    But, FWM, I thought you'd like the Trump video. I don't even know what he thinks about guns, but he's a good conservative blow-hard if there ever was one.