Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Do We Distrust Hunters Will Observe the Rules of Gun Safety?
THIS is why
This, and hunters being shot in their lower half by their dogs using inanimate object weapons


Looks like these hunters did not properly consider the distance that their ammo could travel.

So.......which is more important? The physical safety of these students, their right NOT to be shot accidentally (or deliberately) by someone with a gun- or the rights of gun nuts to have their penis substitutes?

This is Texas, so it won't be the lives of the students that come first. 

Would it surprise anyone to learn that the town of Edinburg, Texas is in the county adjoining the one where Vice President Cheney shot a fellow hunter in the face?

Our prayers are with the students.

From MSNBC.com and the AP:

2 students shot at Texas middle school

EDINBURG, Texas -- Two students were shot Monday at a south Texas middle school and authorities say hunters may be to blame.
The shooting happened Monday afternoon while the students were trying out for a basketball team at an outdoor court at Harwell Middle School in Edinburg.
One boy was in critical condition with a bullet embedded in an organ. The other was stable and awaiting X-rays.
Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said investigators believe the shots may have come from hunters on adjacent farm property.
Deputies were interviewing hunters.
Trevino said the shots did not come from anywhere on campus and were not the result of a drive-by.
The victims were a 7th-grader and an 8th-grader. They were playing basketball when they were hit by gunfire coming from a brushy area near the court, Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District spokesman Gilbert Tagle told KGBT-TV. One of the students was shot in the back, the other just under the armpit, Tagle said.
Edinburg is about 50 miles northwest of Brownsville.
Check back for more details on this breaking news story.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. Those hunters violated one of the fundamental rules of hunter safety: know what is beyond your target.

    I say charge them with the appropriate felony ... wreckless discharge of a firearm or whatever they call it in their jurisdiction. And let the hunters be financially responsible for the medical care, pain, and suffering they caused.

    That is why I hunt really high up in trees (25 feet minimum) or even higher on radio towers when I get access to them. I can see everything and the ground is a natural backstop.

  2. Fucking idiots who don't understand the gunz that they love.

    And yet, people like Greg Camp want us to believe that he will get the drop on the perp, take him out with how ever many rounds are in the magazine (a headshot or 8, no doubt) and not have any "collateral damage". Idiots.

  3. Democommie,

    What is your problem? I wasn't there. I don't shoot my guns up into the sky. I wouldn't be likely to hunt near a populated area, anyway. And this isn't a story about a concealed handgun that was used to stop a crime. Besides which, who needs eight headshots to stop an attacker? Also, I'm not an idiot.

    Other than that, you know me well.

  4. Greg Camp:

    Like the idiot(s) who shot the two kids you have an inflated opinion of your skills and qualities of discernement, an opinion which is undeserved.

  5. Democommie,

    Have you gone shooting with me? Have you spent any time getting to know me, other than tossing invective? No. That being the case, you have no way to assess my skills.

  6. Greg Camp:

    I wouldn't get within the range of any gun you were handling--that's how much I think of your training and discipline.

    I don't give a flying fuck how many targets you can hit at the firing range. Shooting, whether while hunting, in combat or as a lawfully empowered police officer at LIVING people is a whole different kettle of fish. You don't hunt, IIRC, you're not a cop, you've never been in the military. And yet you think that you have the mojo to do what many professional soldiers and police admit to having a hard time doing--shooting to kill a fellow human being. I know that, to you, the "goblins" aren't really human but when push comes to shove, blooded combat veterans are sometimes conflicted about doing something you've never done.

    You're a poseur, go back to playing D&D, that WILL make us all a bit safer.

  7. ROFL.........

    You're a poseur, go back to playing D&D, that WILL make us all a bit safer.

    Whooo Hooo! I think Greg just failed his saving throw against democommie,LOL.

  8. I played Dungeons and Dragons exactly one time. I was a thief character. I sold the Brooklyn Bridge to someone on my team and earned points for doing so. After that, I decided that the whole thing was entirely too silly.

  9. Greg Camp said...

    I played Dungeons and Dragons exactly one time. I was a thief character. I sold the Brooklyn Bridge to someone on my team and earned points for doing so. After that, I decided that the whole thing was entirely too silly.

    So now you know how silly you look every time you use the word Goblin.

    I've met Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson the co-creators of DYD; I knew Dave pretty well, he was a dear sweet man.Gygax was from next door in WI, and Dave from here in MN.

    So, I actually have a certain respect for the concept of quality cooperative group fiction.

    No such respect for stupid people like you.

  10. Why am I not surprised that you claim superior knowledge and can drop names about something for which I give not a shit?

  11. Greg Camp:

    Your life is so obviously constructed around the fantasy of your being a gunslinger that it's only fair for others to point out that you would be doing yourselves and others a favor to stop playing with real gunz and indulge in a fantasy that is less likely to result in injuring others or yourself.

  12. Capn Crunch, Isn't hunting in a tree stand or a radio tower a bit cowardly? Even on foot you can't call it a level playing field if you have a gun. No, my idea of manly hunting is you're naked in the woods with only the sticks and stones you pick up off the forest floor as weapons. You have to run the deer or boar down and kill it with a rock or impromptu spear.

    How's that sound?