Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Texas School Yard Recieves Incoming Fire - Two Boys Shot

Seattlepi reports on the latest insanity from the Lone Star State. Two boys were shot while trying out for the basketball team.  They were 13 and 14 years old and by pure chance are in stable condition.

Investigators have questioned three men who were found on adjacent ranchland after the shooting Monday evening. Two were practicing target shooting about a half mile from the school. A third was an illegal immigrant with an assault rifle who was trespassing on the property. The target shooters were released, but are still under investigation. The other man remained in custody. Investigators didn't know if any of them fired the shots.
Is that a riot or what. Naturally the Mexican is in jail and the two local good-ole-boys are not.

But never fear, these rural Texas folks have a solution.

With no Texas law prohibiting hunting on private land near a school and high-powered rifles that can fire more than a mile, school officials said the most immediate way to protect students might be building a cinder-block wall around two sides of Harwell Middle School to protect it from flying bullets.
A cinder block wall, sort-of like the ones used in prisons. We certainly couldn't consider disarming the idiots who've demonstrated such a total lack of concern for their neighbors, or even limiting the range of their sacred hunting grounds. No, not in Texas.

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  1. Well, we have several problems here. An illegal immigrant with an assault rifle? If it is a genuine assault rifle--in other words, capable of fully automatic fire--then it's likely that he brought it across the border with him. That still may be the case, even if it's just a semiautomatic weapon.

    The news report identified the immigrant's gun as an AR-15, so presumably the term, assault rifle, is wrong.

    On to the question of high powered. Any centerfire rifle cartridge is "high powered," relative to a rimfire or a pistol round.

    Wouldn't it be pleasant if journalists could get the terminology correct?

    At any rate, I'll be interested to see which weapon fired the shots that injured the two boys.

  2. Sure, build a wall. Now extend that wall to wherever the kids may go. Heck, why don't they just issue body armor to all kids in the vicinity?

    Or.... you could do the sensible thing and prohibit outdoor shooting of guns anywhere near a school or residential area. But this is Texas, after all.

  3. "Wouldn't it be pleasant if journalists could get the terminology correct?"

    Yeah, even more pleasant than having idiots like you recognize that your RIGHT to own and use any and all firearms ends when it conflicts with others' right to get through their lives without being shot by morons like you.

    You're a fucking Poe, right?

    Nobody who comments on this blog, not even Azztec Red, exhibits your utter tone deafness and lack of empathy for other human beings. Well, you're either a Poe or a total sociopath. You're being a sociopathic Poe should not be ruled out.

  4. "Naturally the Mexican is in jail and the two local good-ole-boys are not."

    Are you seriously bitching because they arrested a known criminal with an assault rifle?

  5. No, I'm bitchin' because they DIDN'T arrest the other two idiots.

  6. "No, I'm bitchin' because they DIDN'T arrest the other two idiots."

    Arrest them for what exactly?

  7. Democommie,

    You're referring to Poe's law, I take it? How exactly do you conclude that I'm a sociopath? Did I say that it's good to shoot children? Did I indicate my desire to do so or my support for doing so? Since the answer to those questions is no, I call you a liar.

  8. But, but, but the AR-15 shoots a frikkin .22 cal. bullet*! There's no way it could hurt anybody at that distance and 'sides the full size bullets in them huntin' rifles (prolly .30-30, .30-06, .308 or the like) are much more likely to hurt them kids. Them huntin' rifles, unlike them silly little AR-15 carbines*, now, them are REAL* rifles.

    * Source: The half-wit and wisdom of Mr. Greg Camp.

  9. "Are you seriously bitching because they arrested a known criminal with an assault rifle?"


    Yes they are. In their view, illegal immigrants can do no wrong. Period.

  10. I don't know about your country but here in the US the police only arrest you for committing a crime. Usually.

  11. FWM asks, "Arrest them for what exactly?"

    In a normal state they would have been arrested for suspicion of shooting too near a school. But in Texas they got a wink and a slap on the shoulder. The Mexican went to the slammer though.

  12. I cant find a listing for a .22cal AR15. I show the .223/5.56x45, 7.62x39, 5.7x28, 6.5mm, 6.8mm, 9mm, 45ACP, .50, 6.8x43, .308.

    I have the .223 and .308 versions. I cant even find a conversion kit for the AR15 to shoot any version of the .22 rimfire.

    If there is, I would like to know about them, or any conversion kit for the .22.

    The AR15 is a VERY powerful carbine in any of the above versions or calibers

  13. Here is the local paper's news about this event.
    Unless you have lived in the Valley you don't have a clue about the area or the politics.
    This shooting didn't happen in Edinburg, it happened in the country surrounded by open fields of farmland. It is hundreds and hundreds of miles of completely wide open spaces.
    The entire area from the river to the checkpoints at Sarita, Encino, Hebronville and west is filled with tens upon tens of thousands of illegals who buy property, live in rentals and form colonias.
    Chances are, half of the students in the school are illegals.
    The "Mexican" was sent off to jail because he broke federal law and at the very least will be charged and prosecuted by the Feds.
    The entire Valley consists of 99.99% Mexicans, with families living on both sides of the border.
    Nobody gets elected in that area, especially Sheriffs, if they don't have a record of being tough on crime. If a political opponent finds out you so much as rigged a parking ticket, he will accuse you of NOT being tough on crime. It is crooked and dirty politics down there.
    In this area schools are not what you think of in the typical sense. Many are simply a series of office-type trailers used as classrooms.
    More than likely, this was a freak accident. Surpisingly, there aren't more of this type of accidents in these rural areas. These folks need guns because they are constantly confronted with snakes, javelinas and other wild creatures searching for food.

  14. Texas Colt carry,

    Sorry to get you dragged into this. Democommie and I have been debating the proper definition of an M-16--full power battle rifle, such as a 7.92 Mauser or a .30-'06, or intermediate power assault rifle (carbine).

  15. Well I did find the conversion kit for a AR15 for the .22 caliber. I didnt know that it was available. Found one, but as a kit only. I still cant find an off the shelf .22 AR15

  16. MikeB,

    In your rush for justice, did you happen to read this part:

    " Investigators didn't know if any of them fired the shots."

    I think you have been in Europe too long. We still require a crime to be proven before we rush everyone to the gulag.

  17. Look harder. Ruger and S&W both have factory .22LR AR pattern rifles.

  18. I did, and there it is! Surprised me. Altho I couldnt find a mention of what caliber in the news article, to find a mention of the caliber in the comments just made me take notice. Not aware of the .22 pattern rifle, I guess because I would not have sought out a plinker in the format of the AR series.

    I have an old bolt action .22 long rifle for gophers. Thats it for a .22 for me.

    Greg, you didnt drag me in. The mention in the above post as a .22 AR just had me curious, thats all. I dont keep up much on .22 anything, but it did make me raise my brow on something I missed on.

    Just keeping up, thats all.

  19. Texas Colt carry,

    Eh, Democommie has just been running his mouth about a technical point. I was just letting you know about the danger you're getting yourself into.

  20. Texas Colt Carry:

    Greg Camp is playing the wounded victim of a internet meanies here.


    "I'd refer you to Jeff Cooper's opinions about the M-16, but he's not regarded as a reliable source here. Let's observe, though, that said carbine shoots a .22 caliber bullet.

    November 26, 2011 1:11 PM"

    Was Mr. Camp's first comment on this post by Mikeb302000:

    Gun Idolatry - M16

    Actually, I found the history fascinating. What got me thinking about it was this image purported to be an M16. I guess when I wasn't paying attention they changed the magazine to one of those evil-looking curved ones.

    with an accompanying video on 11/26/11.


    "The M-16 isn't a battle rifle. It's a carbine. It fires an intermediate power cartridge of low caliber. I'm not saying that it isn't deadly. For my purposes, though, I'll take something along the lines of .303 British or .30-'06.

    November 27, 2011 7:30 PM"

    Is his second comment, please note his insistence that "The M-16 isn't a battle rifle. It's a carbine.", which appears to put him at odds with a number of other people and organizations that consider the the M-16 to be both a rifle and a "battle rifle".

    I'm NOT a firearms expert, I own no guns (much as I like the way they work and the craft that goes into making a good one) and, according to any number of gunzloonz, I HATE gunz (untrue), I want to outlaw gunz (untrue), I want to confiscate gunz (untrue)and I loves me some jacknannythugbooted gummint agents (laughably untrue).

    What I will admit to, readily, is that I HATE seeing lamebrained assholes (Greg Camp being one of those) pontificating about his proficiency and sagacity on the subject of gunz.

    I will also admit that I think an awful lot of people who insist on carrying guns are a danger to themselves and others (Greg Camp fits this mold as well).

    I don't give a rat's ass what people do in their private lives. As long as they've got thick enough walls they can have a shooting range in their living room. When they step out the door and into the world at large AND they insist on carrying gunz, they are making my life less safe unless they have at least as much training in the use of firearms and combat tactics as an ordinary cop. The vast majority of them do not.

    Whoever fired the shots that hit the kids is an irresponsible asshole and if it was one of my kids that he wounded I'd be more than a mite upset.

    Actually, that brings up a question for all the wannabe vigilantes. Here it is.

    Guy's hunting near where your kids are playing. He takes a "sound shot" and kills one of your kids. He isn't breaking any laws when he hunts and the DA elects not to prosecute him. How do you react. Do you let bygones be bygones? I mean he was, after all, just exercising his Type2A rights. Whaddaya think?

  21. Wow! A lot going on here. And I really wouldn't know where to start or how to comment past personal experience.

    Out here in west Texas, guns are just another tool to us like a pipe wrench would be to a plumber. I have several rifles, shotguns and pistols all suited for the purposes of varmit control and hunting. Out here, most of us use the AR or AK because of the design is well suited for rough country, dirt, sand, mud and rain doesn't affect them as badly as other design rifles. The size would be used in what we are trying to get at too. This weekend several of us are going to diminish the population of ferral hogs for example, the pick of firearms for me would be my AK47 (7.62X39) and my Colt .45. A 12 gauge shot gun in a home defense configuration, for the compact size, would take care of rattle snakes that can get you, even on horse back.

    The part about those evil looking curved magazines has a simple purpose. They are curved so that more rounds can be put in a mag in a shorter space. Rounds are tapered so they tend to curve as you stack them. Straight mags make a difficult feed and are longer.

    I think the curved look became evil looking because of so many military and gang movies used them. But the practical purpose is more important to us.

    I cant speak about how city dwellers act with guns, but out here we trust and know our neighbors, we have too because our lives depend on that trust. We let our neighbors know when some of us are out (we try to never go alone) varmit hunting, where we will be and how many. This is because we do spread out, you can roll a truck, fall off of the horse or get attacked by a varmit. Radio and phone contact can be sporadic at best out here. If someone is out too long, they or we come looking.

    Now as to the question of the kids being shot, I dont know. Never had that happen to me. I would have to have first hand experience to come close to a comment.

    About 25 years ago we had one neighbor shoot another out here, by accident. They were varmit hunting as well. One went around some brush and down a little, about 150 yards from the shooter. The shooter took aim at a coyote that had been doing some killing, missed the coyote and nailed his neighbor in the leg and killed the horse. Not much damage to his leg, a little more than a graze but that horse was done. The shooter was so beside himself, well its hard to describe. The victim was hurt but had a hard time calming his neighbor down enough to get him to take the victim back to the truck and to the hospital.

    The victim lost a horse and some skin off of his leg, but no hard feelings from it, refused to take payment for the horse and doctor bills. Shooter said "I could have killed you!" Victim said "Yep could have, that coyote could have too as well as those damn hogs if I had fell off my horse. God will take you when its your time using what ever tool needed. Dont worry about it anymore."

    Thats as close as I can get to a personal experience to an accidental shooting. But I have lost one grandad to a truck wreck when I was a small kid. A grandmother to a tornado. A nephew to a car wreck. Another to a motorcycle wreck and another nephew that was hit by a car while walking. The one hit by the car, it wasnt the car driver fault, or the car. He simply walked around his own car right in front of the other driver about three feet of his car. No reaction time for the driver, none. Nobody found the driver at fault, not even us. The others were single driver faults due to road conditions and weather.

    All I can say if its an accident, it is what it is. Its a dangerous world, no matter what your doing or where you are at.

    Someone that doesnt do due dillengce to where they are at and what they are doing, even if they are not doing anything wrong or illegal, will have to live with their actions if it results in a tragedy. If you feel that you have been wronged anyway, civil courts can help sort that out. But dead is dead, nothing will bring them back.

  22. Texas Colt carry, Thanks for your comments especially that last long one. You sound like a good guy.

    Please feel free to comment on things you don't have personal experience with, around here we do that all the time.

  23. Texas Colt carry wrote:

    Out here in west Texas, guns are just another tool to us like a pipe wrench would be to a plumber. I have several rifles, shotguns and pistols all suited for the purposes of varmit control and hunting. Out here, most of us use the AR or AK because of the design is well suited for rough country, dirt, sand, mud and rain doesn't affect them as badly as other design rifles. The size would be used in what we are trying to get at too. This weekend several of us are going to diminish the population of ferral hogs for example,

    While I do not live in Texas, we used to take several weeks of winter vacation in Texas every year when I was growing up, staying in McAllen and Brownsville. We went over the border mostly at Matamoros, but occasionally other crossing points. I'm also fairly familiar with the area west of their along the northern side of the Rio Grande.

    I've also spent some time in our more northern western states, including some time on a working cattle ranch in Montana, so I am quite familiar with the use of firearms in working situations where there is a need for it due to dangerous wildlife and other hazards.

    I haven't tried it myself (yet) but I understand those feral hogs can, in some instances, make particularly good eating. There can be quite a difference from domestic raised pork, but whether that is a good difference or a bad difference depends on what the wild version has been feeding on.

    I have a healthy respect for those who use firearms for that kind of serious purpose. Sadly I do not find the practical aspects based on genuine need reflected in the views of people like Greg.

  24. Texas Colt Carry:

    I would argue with you about a need to carry a firearm in other situations, but not while you're hunting or working in wilderness/undeveloped areas. I gather from your self-report that you know how, when and what to shoot. That is not a feature of the gunzloonz--to them, everything has a "threat potential". Not a comfortable way to look at the world.