Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alabama Priorities - Not Education or Health but Guns

The Montgomery Advertiser reports

Alabama might not be a highly populated state, but it is apparently a well-armed one. And it’s becoming more so at a higher rate than many other states. 

The number of Alabamians undergoing the background checks needed for over-the-counter gun purchases has increased by about 37 percent from 2007 to 2011. 

 Seventh-worst state for kids: Alabama

Child well-being index score: -0.59

Alabama is a regular feature on the lower end of well-being rankings in the U.S. (see ourHealthiest States in America or the Most Sinful States in America for starters), and that unfortunately doesn't change when talking about children. Alabama is one of the states with the lowest reading scores (with only 31% of fourth-graders reading at proficient levels).


  1. When you can demonstrate that gun ownership is necessarily an inverse of healthcare and education performance, we'll talk.

  2. As President of the United States, Obama should do something about that. Wasn't education reform one of his campaign promises in 2008? Yet another failure.