Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reading PA Cop Shot During Training Exercise

The Reading Eagle reports

Reading police detectives are investigating an accidental shooting that wounded a Berks County deputy sheriff Monday morning in a courthouse office.

Police said Deputy John Parsons suffered a leg wound in the accident, which happened about 9:45 in the sheriff's warrants division office on the 17th floor.

"We're not sure, but it sounds like the weapon or the holster malfunctioned," Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht said.

In a prepared statement Weaknecht released later in the day he said the training exercise involved determining if a new department-issued holster was susceptible to a suspect reaching inside the holster and pulling the trigger.

"The objective of the training exercise was to prevent a scenario such as this from happening," Weaknecht said. "During the training process, another sheriff's deputy was able to reach over and grab Deputy Parson's weapon, at which time Deputy Parson's gun accidentally discharged.

"Both deputies unloaded their weapons prior to the training exercise, a department requirement."

Both Parsons and the other deputy involved in the accident are certified firearms instructors, Weaknecht said.
The old gun-must-have-malfunctioned excuse is always a laugh.

What's your opinion?  Isn't it hard to believe that a trained firearms instructor can be this negligent?  That's what I think.

Administrative duties, no gun, that's my suggestion.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.


  1. "Both deputies unloaded their weapons prior to the training exercise..." Then the gun couldn't have fired. Unless it was a Hollywood gun that magically creates cartridges out of thin air. Once again, we see that cops are no better than private citizens.

    1. No one ever disputed that, Greg. Why do you keep saying it?

    2. Because your side tells us that there are classes of people who deserve to have firearms, while most of us do not. You specifically imply that private citizens are too irresponsible to have guns, even though the facts don't support your position. I'm reminding the readers here that the positions of the control freaks are silly.

  2. You beat me to it Greg. "Both deputies unloaded their weapons prior to the training exercise, a department requirement." How can this statement even be made with a straight face by the police? Does he intend for us to believe that an unloaded gun fired a real bullet? It doesn't sound like the gun malfunctioned to me. A deputy reached over, pulled the trigger, and the gun fired. Isn't that how they are designed to work?

    1. Ah, yeah, if I pull the trigger and it doesn't fire when I know there's a round in the chamber, I keep the muzzle pointed downrange for a bit to see if it was a hangfire. When I'm cleaning, I check several times for empty. For dry practicing, I do the same, or I use one of those hated toys.

      But the cops are the only ones professional enough to be trusted with firearms...

    2. "But the cops are the only ones professional enough to be trusted with firearms..."

      I never said that. This is one of your lying attempts to put words in my mouth. If you had a leg to stand on in the argument you wouldn't have to be so mendacious.

    3. Where's the lie? Did I attribute the statement to you? It certainly has been made by your side, but I don't see your name attached to the quotation.

      But I have two legs to stand on, thanks. You're the one so desperate to overturn U.S. Federal and state constitutions and laws to create the illusion of safety.

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