Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tennessee State Rep. Curry Todd Pleads Not Guilty to Everything

SF Gate reports

State Rep. Curry Todd is pleading not guilty to drunken driving and gun charges.

The Collierville Republican was arrested in October after failing a roadside sobriety test. A loaded .38-caliber gun was found stuffed between the driver's seat and center console. Todd faces charges of drunken driving, possession of a firearm while under the influence and violating the state's implied consent law for refusing a breath alcohol test.

Todd was a main sponsor of a state law allowing handgun carry permit holders to bring firearms into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. It's unclear where Todd was coming from at the time of his arrest.
Our gun-rights friends keep telling us how the existing laws are being enforced and that they are sufficient. Do you think this menace to himself and others has been disarmed?  Do you think law enforcement went to his house to remove all the guns? 

When people are arrested drunk and in possession of a gun while driving a car they should be disarmed until they are proven innocent. But what they do instead is let them go on their merry way, continuing to own guns and then delay the court proceedings as much as possible. 

It's been almost one year and this guy is still drinking, driving and enjoying his inviolable 2nd Amendment rights.

This travesty of justice is outrageous enough, but the hypocrisy of Rep. Todd having been a champion of gun rights and a leader in the field is too much.

If there ever were a candidate for the one strike you're out policy, Representative Curry Todd is one.


  1. It's what they are and where we're at. Dumb as a box of fucking rocks.

    1. So the next time you see a black person doing something silly, will you say "they" all are the same?

  2. Mikeb, you are aware of the difference between being charged and being convicted, no? Despite your best whining, we still live in a nation of laws, not one that is subject to your whims.

    1. mike is really one of these meaningless tools I will being forgetting about. The obvious lack of mental capacity, rational thought and fair judgement of facts are so shocking I almost wanna slap my computer screen