Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arizona Man Shoots Himself Accidentally

Local news reports
A Prescott Valley man was flown to a Phoenix hospital early Thursday after he accidentally shot himself in the leg.
"A 64-year-old man said he was sleeping with his handgun under his pillow," Prescott Valley Police Officer Paul Dunn said. "When he woke up and tried to put the gun away, the gun accidentally discharged into his knee."
Keeping a "gun under the pillow" has got to be about the stupidest thing a gun owner could do. It's hard to be more irresponsible than that, and for what?  Do they think it gives them quicker access?

The other incredibly stupid thing, in spite of the wording of the story, is shooting oneself in the leg. The gun didn't just "discharge" by itself.  As our friend Frail Liberty explained, at least three of the 4 Rules had to be violated simultaneously for this to happen.

What's your opinion?  Would disqualifying a man like this from owning firearms make things better or worse?  Would his friends and neighbors be better off or not?

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.


  1. Just like Greg Camp, another accident waiting to happen because he mistakenly thinks he is in control of his firearm next to his bed or under his pillow - except this guy had the accident already.

    These people are nuts, they deny reality.

    They believe they are in control of a firearm while asleep, or immediately upon waking, including in the dark, without their glasses.

    So this is another old guy - want to bet he's not only old, but white, crabby, flabby (the classic NRA archetype) and also, in the words of Mittens on R-money, 'severely conservative'?

    The objective reality deniers; the ones who shoot themselves and others, but insist as they do so that they are safe and we should trust them.

    I don't trust reality deniers; no one should.

    1. 1. Post a full-length picture of yourself so we can be sure that we're not being polluted by the messages of an old, flabby, and crabby white woman.

      2. I don't put my guns under my pillow. I do keep at least one available in my nightstand. You have yet to explain how that gun will fire itself. You have yet to explain how someone is going to get into my home, past my suspicious dog, and into my bedroom without awakening me so as to steal that firearm that, in your view, I have no control over. You've also yet to explain how a Brady Bunch approved firearm--disassembled, locked, unloaded, and at the local police station--would be of any use to me in an emergency.

      Who's denying reality here?