Friday, October 19, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Can Really Tell It


  1. She's pro-choice. People who oppose abortion take a different view. It is worth asking what exactly equal pay for equal work means. That sounds good in principle, but how two jobs are determined to be equal isn't clear. Setting labor standards that improve the lives of all workers may be a better approach.

    1. It is perfectly clear and perfectly well defined.

      The paycheck equality law says that a job cannot be defined by gender.

      I suggest you read the legislation that the right has opposed -- and note that their opposition is based on being employer friendly so that the employer can make the most advantageous deal, not a fair one.

      In some states, like Utah, women make 55 cents for every dollar men earn. Your own state of Arkansas has one of the worst records for pay equality.

      There is NO problem with equal being unclear.

      Contraception should be included in insurance coverage without restriction, the same way male boner pills are paid for.

      There is no legislation giving employers approval over boner pills, or allowing them to exercise their religious approval over who and under what circumstances men are having sex, or over the coverage for male contraception.

      Opposing choice means one person imposing their religious beliefs, not a decision based on any scientific knowledge or finding of fact, on others who believe differently.

      That is wrong. Controlling a woman's body and her reproductive choices is essential to women having control over their lives.

      Hooray for Elizabeth Warren!

    2. Problems with equal pay for equal work:

      1. Many women choose to take extended periods off to raise children. This puts them behind in seniority and skills. That's a choice to value childrearing over career, but we all have to accept the consequences of our choices.

      2. If we're talking about two persons doing the exact same job at the same level of performance, equal pay makes sense. But taking one job and comparing it to another makes crafting a law much harder.

      You raise contraception as though I expressed a contrary opinion, but note that I said nothing about that. Typical for you, you jump to a false conclusion about me without any evidence.

    3. In the first place, the employer should be the one determining what an employee gets paid, not the frickin government or the 534 pygmy-brained retards in Congress.
      Granted, this stupid c**t would fit right in with those dumb asses.

      Question: Is she for free vasectomies?

      orlin sellers

    4. Dog gone: “In some states, like Utah, women make 55 cents for every dollar men earn.”

      Ok, but in regards to “equal pay for equal work”, this statement only addresses “pay”. Is this adjusted for job position, experience, and hours worked- because that is not the way you phrased it. Do you have a source? If it is adjusted, then something should be done. If it is not adjusted, then it is highly deceptive.

    5. Greg, along with being contentious to the point of nausea, you're a misogynist too.

    6. Mikeb, if you'd resist the urge to label and pay attention, you'd see that I'm not. Disagreeing with a leftist or asking for a clarification is not misogyny. I said that the idea, equal pay for equal work, has to be defined. There are lots of feel-good messages that politicians trot out. The PATRIOT Act is another example. I want to know the details before I sign on.

      Pay should not be based on the sex of the employee. It should be based on the nature and market value of the job and the performance of the person. Good enough?

  2. Equal pay for equal work means exactly what it says. If a man and a woman work the same exact job and work the same exact hours, they will receive the same pay.

    But if you as a woman decide to have children and also remain in the workforce, then sometimes you have to take time off for such things as doctor's appointments, school functions,kids getting sick, ect. So although you may be receiving the same hourly pay as your male counterpart, you won't receive the same paycheck at the end of the pay period. It's pretty simple, really. They call it math.

    1. Mike, what the hell kind of job are you talking about where the employee is docked for doctor's visits etc.? You think we're talking about day labor?

      What's your point anyway? You making some kind of misogynistic correction to what Warren said?

  3. MikeB, a lot of workers in the US are hourly employees. Experienced tradesmen, me for instance, are hourly employees. Most union employees in the public sector, ie. auto workers, are hourly employees. If you have to take time off from work, you get docked the commiserate amount of pay. It comes with the territory, for if you work overtime, don't you receive extra hourly compensation? My point was you can make the same hourly wage and still not make as much money as another employee because of extenuating circumstances.

    I didn't realize you were only talking about the narrow confines of salaried government employees. And even salaried employees can lose pay for too much time off from work.

  4. I should also add that Liz Warren is an idiot who lied about her minority status to receive special treatment. She is as much Cherokee Indian as Orvald Skorvald , the whitest dude in Norway.