Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Gun Smuggling - South Carolina to New York

Mickey Collins (left) and Dario Wynerman.

 The New York Post reports

An ex-con who’ll be old enough to collect Social Security next month was among 13 suspects busted for running two East Harlem gun-smuggling rings that sold mainly to teenage buyers, authorities said yesterday.

Infamous gun runner Mitchell “Mickey’’ Collins, 64, was the main target of a sting operation dubbed “Mickey Mouse Trap,’’ said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Collins and three cohorts eventually peddled 88 guns to the undercover, including an AK-47 that fetched $1,600 and a .32-caliber Smith and Wesson that went for $400, Kelly said.

One accomplice, Sampson Taylor, 34, would allegedly take a bus to South Carolina, stock up on firepower from pawn shops and gun dealers, and transport the illicit arsenal back to the city, where the weapons sold for a 100 percent profit. 

A total of 10 came from South Carolina, and one was purchased in Virginia, prosecutors said.
Why do the gun-rights advocates always try to ridicule the fact that guns are smuggled from lax-gun-law states to places like New York? Doesn't it make sense?

I think the reason they try to make fun of this or downplay it in one way or another is because they see how bad it is for their cause. This touches on the exact point at which guns pass for the law-abiding to the criminals. In places like South Carolina that happens too easily.

If measures were taken to stop that, the legitimate gun owners would be slightly inconvenienced. This is what the can't accept.

What's your opinion?  Has there ever been a more self-centered advocacy group than the gun-rights crowd?

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  1. One accomplice, Sampson Taylor, 34, would allegedly take a bus to South Carolina, stock up on firepower from pawn shops and gun dealers...

    There are already law against ^^this^^. Should we make it doubly illegaler and rewrite the law to include the words "and we really, really mean it this time"?

    Collins has a record dating to 1968 that includes attempted murder and weapons possession, Kelly said.

    There's the problem. For 44 years he laughed at the laws that the law abiding citizens followed, but of course MORE laws would have stopped him.

    1. It was probably straw purchasing or personal sales that provided him with guns in SC. I have suggested solutions to both problems.

  2. Mikeb, you always say that your proposals would be a minor inconvenience, but that's simply not true. What you call for would bar a lot of people from owning a gun, would make legally carrying a gun outside the home all but impossible, and would give the government a list for future confiscation. How all that qualifies as minor is a mystery.

    Your second failure is your continued belief that it's good gun owners who are the problem. Criminals would continue to get guns under your system. It's just that they'd be much more heavily armed than law-abiding people.

    Look at how the silly gun laws of New York, both state and city, have created a demand for arms. That demand gets filled. If South Carolina and all other states had the same laws imposed on them, guns would come across the border from foreign countries. You believe that guns travel illegally from the United States to Mexico in vast numbers. Is it really so hard to imagine the flow reversing? That's not hard, especially when you consider all the drugs and people that already come north.

    There's also the hundreds of millions of guns in America that would take generations to enter your system. That's another reality that you refuse to address. You see many gun owners as being almost insurrectionists now. Do you believe that they'll dutifully go to the police station to register their guns? Do you believe that Americans will just roll over and comply?

    I've made several points here. I expect that you'll answer only the easiest, if you answer at all. How about surprising me by dealing with everything?

  3. R U Stuupid? Run Forest Run!!!