Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pastor Kelly - The Gun Rights Movement's Best Friend

ABC News reports on Pastor Kelly of St. Petersburg, Florida. He's the one whose daughter was killed in his church by Moises Zambrano's negligence.


Now, I'm all for forgiveness. I think it's wonderful. But it shouldn't be offered at the cost of accountability and responsibility. When someone forgets there's a round in the chamber and ends up killing a young girl, there should be some accountability.  That person should go to jail and lose their gun rights, not get off scott free and enjoy the embrace and forgiveness of the victim's father.  That's just wrong.

Pastor Kelly holds God responsible but not the shooter.  That's sick. He compared the incident in which an unfit concealed carry permit holder negligently fired his gun resulting in the death of his daughter to a lightning strike that took the life of another kid.

Pastor Kelly should be on the board of the NRA with that kind of thinking.

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  1. I think it is important for the father's own mental health that he forgive the man who unintentionally shot his daughter. I also think the man who unintentionally shot his daughter should spend time in prison for such an egregious foul-up in firearm safety.

    Once the man is out of prison and finishes any terms of probation, I believe he should be able to own firearms again. As part of his prison sentence, he should go to as many firearm safety programs as possible to tell people what happened. That would create permanent change and a much safer public.

    1. I'd go lighter on the prison sentence, perhaps even suspend it. But, never should a reckless and irresponsible guy like that own guns again. There's no amount of training that can overcome that amount of unfitness.

    2. Which shows that you only care about the guns. You don't want any punishment over the loss of a life.