Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alabama Man Shoots Pregnant Wife, Commits Suicide - She and the Baby Survived

Local news reports
Authorities say a north Alabama woman has given birth after being shot during a Thanksgiving dinner gathering.

Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall says the woman gave birth by Caesarean section, and mother and child are doing OK.

Marshall tells al.com that the man suspected in the shooting, the woman's estranged husband, died on Saturday.

Albertville police say the man shot his wife more than once during a Thanksgiving dinner gathering and then turned the gun on himself. The woman was eight months pregnant at the time.

Police say the man had been invited over for the holiday.

Alabama was one of the "high-gun states" used to prove the famous "Guns are Bad News for Women." In this case the joke's on the pathetically unfit gun owner, who like so many used his gun to settle scores and get even.

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