Monday, November 26, 2012

Indiana Deer Hunter Shoots His Buddy

Local news reports
Officers said 35-year-old Jeremy Horn of Crawfordsville, was shot in the elbow by his hunting partner, 48-year-old Troy Payne, of Linden.  

Investigators said Payne had just shot an antlered deer and had his shotgun loaded with the safety off, while he checked on the deer.  

Officer said while Payne was checking the deer, Horn arrived to assist in dragging the deer out of the woods. Payne slung his shotgun over his shoulder, without placing the safety in the on position, and bent over to grab onto the antlers of the deer.  

When Payne bent over to grab the antlers, the shotgun slid off of his shoulder.  Payne caught the shotgun with one hand in the area of the trigger.  The shotgun discharged and struck Horn, who was standing about four feet away, in the elbow.

Investigators are ruling the shooting as an accident. Indiana Conservation Officers encourage hunters to be cautions when handling firearms. They said to make sure to control the muzzle and its direction at all times. They said the safety is a mechanical device, and can sometimes fail.
This kind of bumbling negligence should receive more than a friendly warning. But in Indiana, that's must they way things go.

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