Saturday, December 1, 2012

Modern Toy Guns Ain't What They Used to Be

Local news reports - Ban them sumbitches says I.


  1. You want to ban air guns, but you claim that you don't want to ban firearms. That makes no sense.

    The value of an air gun is that it provides a cheaper and safer way to train. The closer it is to the firearm that it's imitating, the better. But I wouldn't point an air gun at an innocent person any more than I'd do with a firearm.

    As always, it's the owner's responsibility to act in an appropriate manner with any object. Banning the object itself isn't the right answer.

  2. Mikeb, remember also that we showed you realistic toy guns from decades ago? This is nothing new.

    1. Your reluctance to admit you were wrong is what's nothing new.

    2. I do when I am. I'm not about toy guns.