Thursday, November 29, 2012

Minnesota Gun Owner Shoots Up the Neighbor's House

Local CBS News reports

An Otsego man faces multiple charges after allegedly firing a semiautomatic handgun Sunday four or five times near his neighbors’ house, sending a bullet into a home just inches from where a homeowner was sitting, court documents say. 

Devin Petersen, 45, is charged with one count of intentionally firing a dangerous weapon, one count of recklessly firing a gun and one count of illegally possessing a gun after being convicted of a violent crime. Records show Petersen was convicted of a controlled substance charge in 2002, making him ineligible to have a gun.
Gun-rights people breathe a sigh of relief when the read that one of the charges was "felon in possession." But is this guy really that much different than millions of so-called lawful gun owners? They like to get high once in a while, and they have too much to drink from time to time.

No, in spite of gun advocates' protests, this guy was just another of the many unfit gun owners out there.  The fact that he had picked up a felony ten years ago doesn't separate him from them.  The gun ties them together.

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  1. No sighs of relief (or of Rolaids) on my part. He did something stupid. Why is one of the mysteries of the human condition. But he's one of the few gun owners who does that:

    100,000,000 gun owners in this country, and that number is going up.

    100,000 total injuries and deaths from firearms from all causes in a year.

    That's one tenth of one percent of gun owners. So even if there are millions of us who are getting drunk or high, apparently we aren't then all going out and attempting to do something wrong.