Thursday, November 29, 2012

Indiana Man Shoots White Deer in Residential Area

Local news reports
Officials say on the first day of hunting season, someone drove down Elbe Road in Warrick County near Evansville and shot a white deer between houses after dark.
Neighbors tracked the poacher down and held him until officials arrived.
Wildlife officers say killing a white deer is legal in Indiana, but it's illegal to shoot the deer from a public roadway.

“We have elementary children that live in the neighborhood, the main concern that someone just pulls on the road and starts shooting between houses,” said neighbor Ginger Wilcox.

Officials say the suspect could face six charges, including charges for shooting after hours and shooting from a roadway.

Six charges, I wonder if that includes "felon in possession of a firearm?"

It doesn't really matter.  The thing is, among criminal gun owners there are some who are responsible and among lawful gun owners there are some who are not.

Gun availability needs to be severely restricted to the irresponsible ones, regardless of their past.

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  1. You claim to want to keep guns out of irresponsible hands, but all of your proposals would only disarm good gun owners or make gun ownership so difficult that few would bother with going the legal route.

    No deals until you agree that gun ownership and carry are rights.