Tuesday, November 27, 2012

False DGU Uncovered - MN Homeowner Arrested for Double Homicide

Local news reports


  1. Here's the update (http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/15695/group/News/)

    Seems like Grampagunzloon was not, like, the innocent victim, here.

    Shot both convincingly lifelike meatsilhouettes from an ambush position. Delivered the coup-de-grace after victim was down and either unconcious or dead. Wottaman!!

    The first video you imbedded shows the house with no perimeter lighting. The house either had no security system or it did not work. "The inanimate object that just happens to kill a lot of people" wielder either didn't have a phone or didn't want to run up his bill, waiting for his neighbor to call the police the NEXT DAY.

    Oh, what the hell am I going on about; this is just another of the thousands of statistical anomolies that occur every year in teh nutty nation of gunzloonzworld.

    Based on what I heard from the sheriff's news conference, I'd say we're gonna have another posterboymartyr for the DGU (Dumbass Gun Use) movement.

    The teens were stupid. The shooter is a murderer, plain and simple. Legitimate DGU, my ass.

  2. Why the US needs more get away with murder laws.

    Funny, but this sounds like the Daily Mash article I posted a few weeks back.

  3. democommie said: "Legitimate DGU, my ass."

    So who out there (other than him and his attorney) is claiming this was a DGU? You guys are experts at assigning things to us that don't belong. All indications are that this guy committed murder - plain and simple.

    Now the getting assaulted on Black Friday? ... That was a legitimate DGU. We stood up for it in the face of your ridiculous assertion that the victim was the criminal. But don't try to lump this clown in with us because it won't fly. You turds are the only ones who will believe that connection.

    1. In the minds of gun control freaks, a man who pulls out a gun to stop a physical attack but doesn't fire is no different from one who keeps shooting after the threat is over.

  4. I'm with FL. Given the facts that I have seen, this was NOT a legitimate DGU. Stand your ground laws do not allow someone to commit murder, except in a gun control nuts fevered imagination.

  5. "In the minds of gun control freaks, a man who pulls out a gun to stop a physical attack but doesn't fire is no different from one who keeps shooting after the threat is over."

    Another of the endlessly stupid assertions that Campinoutinlalaland loves to make. And, Greggie, when you speak of gun control freaks, I assume--since you're doing it here--that you include mikeb302000 and the other people here who think reasonable gun control is, well, reasonable.

    For the record, honey, I've told you numerous times before today, but I will tell you again. I don't want to take most gunz away from anyone--that's not my right or duty.

    I don't want the organs of the state to take most gunz away from most people. I want to have some sort of regulation to keep dangerous people from having easy access to dangerous weapons that can kill from a distance, are easily concealed and easily operated.

    That you choose to conflate that with me or anyone else having a desire to take YOUR precious penis substitutes away from you is YOUR problem. My problem is that when you make stupid fucking statements like the one you just made AND are told that they are incorrect and deliberately so, you simply double (or, at this point, it's more like 2 to the 30th power) down of teh Burnin' Stoopit. And, it's at this point, as it has been in the past that I call you a FUCKING LIAR for saying things that are clearly lies to me and others who know you're lying. Sorry, Greggie, you don't get no seegar, but you do get to be the punchline of a lot of jokes.

    1. Democommie, did I use your name? You and your filthy mouth haven't been around much lately, so blessedly, I wasn't thinking of you. You claim that you don't want to take away guns from good citizens? Fine. I don't particularly believe you, but I'll take your statement for what it's worth.

      You call my statement a lie, but what I said is my interpretation of the comments that I've seen from gun control freaks time and time again. An interpretation is not a lie. It's a judgement. The gun control side has no credibility. When control freaks accept gun ownership and carry as a fundamental right, we'll be willing to talk. Until then, we have good reason for doubt.

    2. democommie said: "Another of the endlessly stupid assertions that Campinoutinlalaland loves to make."

      And yet you attempt to offer no defense for your stupid implied assertion that gun rights supporters would somehow consider this "Legitimate DGU"?

      So how is Greg's supposed stupid assertion any more egregiousness than you own?