Saturday, December 1, 2012

Florida Man Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Gun Accident

Local news reports
A 27-year-old man was sentenced Friday to six years in prison after his 7-month-old baby was accidentally shot two years ago in fight with his girlfriend in a Super 8 motel on Youngerman Circle in Jacksonville, according to the State Attorneys Office.

Justin Satterfield pleaded guilty in August to charges of child neglect, possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon, two counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to sell, according to prosecutors. Girlfriend Brandy Purvis pleaded guilty to child neglect and was sentenced to time served, which was 155 days.

Police said the two were arguing and fighting over possession of a rifle about 2:20 a.m. when it went off. The shot hit their child in the arm and chest. Satterfield had been convicted of aggravated assault in 2007, according to court records.
Does six years sound about right to you? It was an accident, after all, and no one died. 

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  1. What a prize jerk; hard to believe anyone would want a relationship with him. Hopefully after this neither dumb bunny girlfriend or child will.

  2. just slightly below average nra gun nut.........
    tom webber

  3. Im a gun owner and he should of got more time and he shouldn't of been able to get a gun

  4. 1. He was a felon in possession of a gun. That's a crime.

    2. He was in the process of committing other crimes.

    3. He shot an innocent person.

    Six years isn't enough, no. By the way, did you notice those tattoos? He's either a gang member or he's pretending to be one. Of course, no one's checking, right?

  5. He looks like he'll fit right in with the Aryan Brotherhood types. Well, maybe they'll fit right in.

    He's trying really hard for that "Elvis" sneer thing, ain't workin'.

    Six years in modern sentencing situations could mean anything from 2 years (or less, if he's credited with pre-conviction detention as "time served") to the whole nickle+1. If they would quite throwing people in jail for simple possession/use of drugs they'd have more room to keep sociopaths like this one (and maybe even try to help them become functional human beings in society). Keeping him off the streets as long as possible should be the priority.

    1. Democommie, we have a rare moment of agreement. We'll return to our regularly scheduled squabbling after these messages...